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Hi all,

On August 14th, we proudly unveiled IdentityHub, a groundbreaking product designed to protect and facilitate the use of Web3 user identities via privacy computing. This launch marked the culmination of extensive research, development, and iterations. Today, we’re excited to walk you through the evolution of our product and share our vision for the future.

What is the IdentityHub?

IdentityHub bridges the gap between Web3 applications and user identities, addressing the prevalent challenge of decentralized identity databases in Web3 apps.

The ethos of Web3 is decentralization and “permission-less use,” which has led to the widespread adoption of “identity-less logins.” However, as Web3 applications diversify, the demand for user identities intensifies. IdentityHub steps in to supply these apps with decentralized identity data, leveraging blockchain networks to ensure user identity sovereignty and privacy.

Beyond merely providing identity data, IdentityHub employs Verifiable Credentials as the primary mechanism for identity data management. This approach guarantees that users have full control over the creation, encryption, and transmission of their identity credentials, preserving the decentralized, autonomous, and verifiable nature of their identities. Transitioning from the Web2 era’s centralized identity databases, IdentityHub pioneers a unique approach, offering an open, user-generated, and verifiable identity system.

Through the establishment of an application marketplace platform, IdentityHub empowers projects to define user profiles and the value propositions for these users. It also offers an intuitive interface for users to craft their decentralized identity proofs, positioning IdentityHub as a decentralized nexus connecting users with applications they care about.

EVM Version Campaign Recap

Initially rooted in the Polkadot ecosystem, IdentityHub exclusively supported Polkadot-related wallet logins. However, with the integration of EVM capabilities, we rolled out a major campaign, rewarding our inaugural EarlyBird users.

This campaign, which spanned from August 14th to 21st, achieved remarkable milestones within a week, though it wasn’t without its challenges.


  • Attracted over 20,000 EarlyBirds before the campaign’s onset.
  • Garnered over 140,000 page views for IdentityHub during the campaign, leading to network congestion and minor technical glitches.
  • Witnessed participation from over 70% of the EarlyBirds, resulting in the generation of 5,000+ Verifiable Credentials.


  • We underestimated user traffic, leading to network errors and occasional hiccups in generating Verifiable Credentials.
  • Connection issues arose with Twitter and Discord due to API limitations and user input errors.
  • Some users faced challenges in generating Verifiable Credentials due to specific requirements, highlighting areas where our communication could be clearer.
  • Privacy concerns prevented some users from claiming rewards, even after successfully generating Credentials.

Despite these challenges, the campaign’s success, achieved in a short span and with minimal costs, is a testament to our community’s unwavering support. We’re confident that the credentials and the score you’ve accumulated will yield significant benefits in the future.

We acknowledge the areas that need refinement and are committed to enhancing the user experience in future campaigns. Our dedication to user privacy remains paramount, and we will never compromise on this front.

Where do we go from here?

Informed by the feedback post-launch, we’ve charted a clear course for the IdentityHub:

  • Help projects define user profiles: We aim to assist projects in understanding their community demographics, enabling them to tailor their operations effectively while protecting user privacy and delivering personalized experiences.
  • Collaborate with more data providers: By integrating diverse data platform providers, we aim to enhance the user experience by providing more ways for users to prove different aspects of their online identity.
  • Forge lasting partnerships: We’re focused on building alliances across ecosystems to deliver unparalleled service and value to our users.

The emergence of Web3 is a testament to the limitless potential of the digital realm. However, it also underscores the pressing challenges, with privacy at the forefront. At Litentry, we view privacy not merely as an individual right, but as the bedrock of Web3’s continued evolution and innovation. Our dedication to preserving privacy is unyielding, and it’s rooted in our vision for a better internet. We recognize that safeguarding personal privacy is pivotal for upholding individual dignity, fostering innovation, deterring misuse, and ensuring the stability and security of the Web3 ecosystem. This commitment is the essence of Litentry’s enduring mission.

The Litentry Team

About Litentry

Litentry is a privacy-preserving Identity Aggregation protocol that enables granular access to and control of data. Featuring a DID indexing protocol and a Substrate-built distributed DID validation blockchain, Litentry provides a decentralized, multichain identity aggregation service that mitigates the difficulty of resolving agnostic DID mechanisms. Litentry provides a secure vehicle through which users manage their identities and dApps obtain real-time DID data of an identity owner across different blockchains.

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