To IdentityHub Community: Putting YOU in Control of Your Web3 Identity

3 min readJun 25, 2024


Dear IdentityHub Community,

This is our second letter to the entire community. It has been almost nine months since we last communicated (you can view the first letter here). The market has undergone significant changes, and our IdentityHub has iterated through many versions. We have a lot of thoughts to share with you.

Here are some noteworthy statistics: IdentityHub now sees over 6,000 active addresses visiting the website daily. We have generated over 1M+ Verifiable Credentials and constructed a social graph network with over 120K+ connections, providing long-term and stable benefits to users interested in Web3 identities.

What major updates and iterations has the IdentityHub product undergone in the past nine months?

  1. Transition from B2B to B2C: Most DID products serve business projects, making it difficult for ordinary users to directly benefit from identity features. With the release of IdentityHub v0.8, we have emphasized identity solutions for C-end users, allowing ordinary users to easily enjoy the benefits of Identity.
  2. Introduction of Gamification Elements: IdentityHub has incorporated more gamification elements, enabling users to interact with IdentityHub in a better and more enjoyable manner.
  3. Integration of Identity with Specific Blockchain Scenarios: DID products prioritize infrastructure, hindering monetization. For instance, most staking platforms require users to stake more tokens or for longer durations to achieve high APYs. IdentityHub combines user identity with staking, exploring how different identities can be allocated different staking APYs to address fairness issues.

These updates have brought significant benefits to the product. Changes in interaction have improved user experience; the surge in traffic has attracted more new users; continuous user engagement has provided more positive feedback. Consequently, we have seen exciting changes in IdentityHub. Discussions about us have increased, our optimization and iteration speed has accelerated, and we have formed a positive feedback loop, pushing IdentityHub towards a brighter future.

We are aware that some issues remain unresolved, such as increased page load times due to surges in traffic and slow support for some of the latest popular cryptocurrencies. These user experience issues are at the top of our priority list. In the near future, experience a dramatically improved IdentityHub that reacts faster and delivers a superior user experience.

Our future product iterations will be even faster, with major updates every month and 2–3 minor updates in between, delivering a more user-beneficial and consistently updated IdentityHub to the market. Some updates that may interest you include:

  1. IdentityHub is accelerating the rollout of AI features, reducing user interaction costs with IdentityHub while ensuring that more popular cryptocurrencies can be added in real-time.
  2. We will further deepen our exploration of user scenarios. The already launched Identity Staking will see further iterations, and more scenarios like Airdrops will gradually be added to IdentityHub.
  3. Our exploration of the ecosystem will accelerate. As our user base grows, we are further communicating and collaborating with major public chain ecosystems. We believe that in the near future, you will see IdentityHub integrated into major top public chain ecosystems.

Overall, we hope you see that our commitment to serving our users remains unchanged. Every product-related issue and discussion in the community is noticed by us. If it is indeed our problem, or if it aligns with user interests and product value in the long run, we will quickly support and promote it. We are confident that this is a path that will benefit both IdentityHub and our users in the long term.

The IdentityHub Team

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