MCP v2.0 Pre-release

Web3 Aggregated Identity Service

1 min readJun 8, 2022

Dear Litentry Community:

Litentry team is proud to invite you to join the pre-release of My Crypto Profile v2.0.

MCP 2.0 will launch an Identity-as-a-Service version (prove of concept of Litentry aggregated identity), which will be released in cooperation with the Metaverse Play-to-Build project Phala World, mainly to empower PhalaWorld players to build their Web3 aggregated identity and enhance their Web3 gaming experience.

We would like to invite up to 50 volunteers to try out the product & provide valuable feedback before it officially goes live. By finishing the product trial, each participant will manage to claim the Spirit NFT, a soulbound NFT to kickstart your journey in PhalaWorld.

🍀Sign up for Pre-release🍀

Please fill out this form for application, thank you!

🎁 A total prize of $500 worth of LIT will be awarded to the best 5 feedbacks

Thank you for reading Lintetry’s announcement and news! Please feel free to reach out to us through our social media or email: if you have any future questions!

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