🥷 Season 2 IdentityGala FAQs

3 min readJun 4, 2024


General Questions

What is Season 2 IdentityGala?
IdentityGala is season 2 of IdentityHub, a program with new features and rewards designed to enhance your user experience. It offers a prize pool worth 50,000 USDT, introducing ID Coins for exclusive rewards, and includes the new staked LIT airdrop feature. Additionally, it expands supported cryptocurrencies for earning points.

How long will Season 2 IdentityGala last?
From June 3rd at 7 AM UTC to June 17th at 7 AM UTC: A total span of 14 days.

Participation Related Questions

How can I participate in Season 2 IdentityGala?
Participation is super easy!

👉 Access https://idhub.litentry.io

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Generate VCs by verifying your on-chain assets & behavior to gain more points
  3. Complete daily tasks for higher rankings
  4. Wait for the end of our season 2 for any airdrop rewards.

Do I need to pay a fee to participate?
No. It’s completely free.

Rewards Related Questions

What is the total prize pool for Season 2 IdentityGala?
The prize pool, contributed by our fantastic partners, is worth a total of 50,000 USDT.

What rewards can I win in Season 2 IdentityGala?
Tokens, Credits, NFTs and more!

  1. Litentry
    Airdrop: 25, 000 $LIT
    Additional Rewards: 3, 000 USDT
  2. zkPass
    Credit: 50, 000 $ZKP
    Value: 7, 500 USDT
  3. SecondLive
    Airdrop: 30, 000 $BEAN
    Value: 1, 400 USDT
  4. NFPrompt
    Airdrop: 2, 000 $cNFP
    Value: 1, 200 USDT
  5. MagicCraft
    Prize: Genesis NFT x1 / Revelation NFT x5 / 50,000 $MCRT
    Value: 1, 200 USDT
    and more…

In addition, we are working with more partners to bring additional rewards to our users.

What are the benefits of participating in Season 2 IdentityGala
Participating in Season 2 IdentityGala offers the chance to win amazing rewards, including Tokens, Credits, NFTs and more. Early community builders will receive the rewards they deserve in the later stages. With more comprehensive identity development, users can gain identity advantages within IdentityHub’s future ecosystem.

Competition and Scoring Related Questions

What are the rules for Season 2 IdentityGala?
You can find the rules on our website https://idhub.litentry.io. To access them, navigate to the top right of the page and click on ‘rules’ to learn more.

How do I achieve the highest rewards in Season 2 IdentityGala?
The first-place winner will receive the Peak of Glory Trophy, a high-value reward worth nearly 2000 USDT in total. To earn these generous rewards, complete as many daily tasks as possible or generate VCs corresponding to your on-chain assets. For an even simpler method, invite more friends to join this grand event!

How much effort will it take to achieve more in Season 2 IdentityGala
It’s quite simple. Besides earning rewards through VC generation, simply being an active user and checking in daily can already place you ahead of most users. If you want to have more fun, inviting friends is the most effective way to rapidly boost your score.

Rewards Distribution Related Questions

How can I collect the rewards I’ve won in Season 2 IdentityGala?

  • Token: Tokens will be directly airdropped into your wallet.
  • NFT: If you win an NFT prize, it will be directly airdropped into your wallet.
  • Credits: If you win Credits prize such as zkPass, you can use the same wallet to claim Credits from the zkPass official site. As for IdentityHub’s Credit Score, it will be distributed as initial points rewards in the next season.

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