Litmus Crowdloan Reward Schema

  • Token Reward Ratio: 30 LIT : 1 KSM (Hard cap: 1.5% of total supply)
  • Referral Bonus: 10% extra bonus based on referee’s basic rewards. Referrer gets 5%, referee gets 5%
  • Slot leasing period (Parachain duration): 48 weeks
  • Target slot: slot 23–25
  • Crowdloan Hardcap: 50,000 KSM
  • Crowdloan campaign deadline: 15 Feb 2022
  • Minimum contribution: 0.1 KSM
  • Reward distribution: LIT rewards will be distributed linearly in each block. The distribution starts once the Litmus parachain runs on the Kusama relay chain and balance transfer is enabled. Distribution ends when the parachain slot expires (after 48 weeks).

Auction Channels

  1. Litmus webapp:
  2. Polkadot.js
  3. Bifrost:
  • BNC Liquidity Farming: all Litmus contributors can participate in the liquidity farming event on Bifrost, sharing a total of 5,500 BNC. The event is limited to Litmus contributors.
  • vsKSM and vsBond: once contributed, your KSM will be converted into 1 vsKSM and 1 vsBond that are tradable in the Bifrost SALP and redeemable back to KSM when the lock period ends.


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