Litentry Weekly Updates Nov 28th — Dec 5th

Litentry App

  • Support transaction signing and the interaction with Parity Signer (Display tx payload as QR code and scan signature generated by Parity Signer)
  • Support Substrate-based chain Identity fetching and display in Litentry App
  • Support balance fetching and displaying in Litentry App
  • Integrate new Logo into the app

Litentry Node (Account Linker & Offchain worker)

  • Prepare and investigate Bitcoin link related issues
  • Investigate how to use the runtime api to load token from env variable
  • Improve the unit test coverage for both offchain worder and linker
  • Unify code styles across different repositories
  • Configure and setup integration suite for runtime with polkadot.js


  • Prepare workshop to introduce architecture


Upcoming: Litentry will present an online workshop in the DoraHacks Substrate Hackathon on Dec 19th 9 PM (UTC+8), live broadcast at (Chinese).

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