Litentry Weekly Updates — Nov 21st-28th

Mobile App

  • Started the development of native mobile application development supporting both iOS and Android
  • Integrated polkadot{.js} into the application, and able to communicated via RPC
  • Able to switch network among different networks such as Polkadot, Kusama or Westend
  • Able to import substrate account via QR code scanning
  • Supported dark theme in the app
  • Setup chain event listening capability and able to react to event as such identity.setIdentity
  • Design and implement various UI/UX aspects of the app, e.g. In App Notification

Litentry Node (Account Linker & Offchain worker)

  • Finished preliminary version of account linker module (pr merged), with a runtime test to check the happy path
  • Add block expiration check
  • Added Blockchain Info API support for BTC accounts balance query
  • Refactored balance fetch function to be more scalable and ready for fetching balances of different Blockchain accounts from multiple sources
  • Added infura API support with RPC-JSON Ethereum API via HTTPS POST


  • Continued worked on Api
  • Added endpoints facilitating interaction with Litentry App


  • Configure AWS environment
  • Configure various CI/CD environment


  • We conducted our first AMA of Litentry on 27th November in our English and Chinese community, thank you all for joining!
  • We are honored to be invited to the first episode of the Virtual Polkadot Ecosystem Meetup organised by the Web3 Foundation. If you missed it you can click on the link for replay ;)

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