Litentry Weekly Updates — Nov 14th-21st


The development of the three verification modules of Email, Twitter and Riot ( has been basically completed, along with some smoke tests on our development network (based on polkadot v0.86).

Simple authorization for RESTful APIs (security -> access control)


Cross-chain identities of Ethereum account and Polkadot account has successfully established, Litentry ID can be used to manage the cross chain IDs in a unified manner and to query assets.

  • Account linker module: added Ethereum signature verification (and can recover the address based on the signature) and testing; initially determined the interface of the user link method; initially defined the user signature data content and completed the preliminary implementation.
  • User calls the asset proof interface to query the assets on Ethereum.
  • The off-chain oracle integrates etherscan API to complete the balance query through multiple Ethereum wallet addresses given by the user.

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