Litentry Weekly Updates (May 31 — June 6)

🧪 Testnet: SBP milestone 1 completed

  • For the Substrate Builder Program, we have successfully finished our milestone 1! This means that credit computation and identity linking modules are completed along with other features of the Litentry App and parachain.
  • Designed and preliminarily implemented Polkadot account linking in the Account Linker pallet
  • Finished NFT pallet issuance types and the preliminary logics

📱Litentry App: Council and Treasury added

  • Added the Council screen
  • Added the Treasury Screen
  • Reconnected & switched server
  • Explored front end stack for the web app (looking like NX, react & Tailwind UI)

👾 Misc

  • Supported Twitter Linker Backend
  • Deployed Polkadot & Kusama indexing services
  • Chainbridge testing and debug
  • Documentation for smart contract implementation
  • Debug and fixed CI issue

🤝 Partnership: Litentry x iMe

🎙Clubhouse talk: why is market reaction to DID lukewarm?

PlatOn x Litentry Clubhouse

🏡 The Litentry family now has 25 members!

Friday beer hour

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