Litentry Weekly Updates (March 29–April 2)


  • Fixed Rococo parachain onboarding related issues
  • Finished token access implementation for parachain and node and other issues regarding CI
  • Upgraded cumulus and Polkadot to latest commits
  • Rococo parachain onboarding
  • Rebased the contract tool Redspot and Europa
  • Parachain testing based on Rococo Relaychain


  • participated Rococo crowdloan



  • Litentry partners with Patract Labs to foster simulation of network interaction. Litentry will develop Litentry’s ink! smart contract based on Patract’s Redspot tool, allowing DApp developers to easily integrate cross-chain identities and data on Litentry and more.
  • Litentry partners with RAI Finance to provide a better user experience for Polkadot-based cross-chain transaction products. RAI protocol provides DeFi with a wider range of assets, a higher amount of liquidity, and a diverse set of financial use cases.
  • Litentry partners with Defi Store to power a new cross-chain yield aggregation strategy in the Stone Network. Stone Protocol is a yield management protocol focused on creating ‘Rock Solid Yield’ for DeFi users.

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