Litentry Weekly Updates (June 7–13)

✨ SubstraTEE for storing linked identity information privately

  • The relationship of users’ different IDs is stored in a TEE environment. Requests sent to the TEE will be encrypted by a shielding key so that no node in the network can decrypt the information.
  • Any computation work that happens inside SubstraTEE worker enclaves can’t be observed by the network nor by the operator of the worker service.
  • TEEs allow us to execute any state update without sharing our data with the blockchain validator or other users. The blockchain serves as a root of trust and all the data remains inside the protected enclaves off-chain.

🔮 Automata for confidential ID score computation

🛠 Technical updates

Testnet: Xrecovery, SubstraTEE & Chainbridge

  • Xrecovery pallet implementation
  • Researched on SubstraTEE
  • Deployed and tested Chainbridge on Testnet

Web App: Polkadot extension, hook/react component

  • Webapp connected to Polkadot browser extension
  • Added Polkadot hooks and React components to webbapp
  • Sorted out some webpack issues that came up from installing the Polkadot library


  • Chainbridge code audit discussion
  • Fixed CI issues on parachain 0.9.4 v
  • Added logging and error handling messages in OCW on a branch
  • Researched devops tools and ansible for future deployment
  • Supported twitter-linker backend & frontend

🎙 Litentry & Friends EP2: DID in instant messaging

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