Litentry Weekly Updates —Feb 01 to Feb 07

Litentry Node

  • Added forked polkadot as submodule of litentry parachain, to lock the version dependency between polkadot and parachain.
  • Updated integration test of parachain, to run through our test scenarios with two relay nodes as validators.
  • Prepare the substrate specification for test net.
  • Choose the pallets for test net.


  • Fix element/email server bug to prevent unexpected process crash.
  • Added scripts and CI workflow for running through integration tests on GitHub Actions.
  • Researches about parachain and node repository organization.
  • Researches about node pallet composition.
  • Convert Registrar manual into github litentry docs.
  • Imtoken token Token Profile edition and apply.
  • CMC token supply distribution edition.

For more development progress please visit out GitHub.



  • Clover Finance has announced partnership with Litentry to explore more possibilities in the adoption of Decentralized Identity (DID) in DeFi and cross-chain markets, while creating new opportunities for the whole DeFi community. Clover is a smart contract platform based on Polkadot that is able provide users portrait in DeFi products.


CryptoTimes is a cryptocurrency-focused media that has been running for 3 years since 2018. It has over 250,000 unique users per month and is one of the largest media in Japan.

Digital Finance Group (DFG) is a global blockchain and digital asset investment firm founded in 2015.

SPECTRE GRP is a specialized crypto research group which has a 12k-member global community on telegram.

BlockchainUniverse is a community of venture capitalists starting to invest in innovative and unique blockchain projects. BlockchainUniverse has over 11k members on telegram with an Indian majority.

BlockArk is an investment banking and marketing advisory firm focused on blockchain. The BlockArk community is based in China and has a member scale of over 2k.

On Feb 3rd, Litentry’s CEO Hanwen Cheng was invited as a guest to the 128th episode of the Binance Block101 channel featuring Binance’s New Social Media Marketing Manager Qiqi and Co-Founder of Digital Renaissance Yin Cao to talk about the value of decentralized identity coming across the WSB event and Clubhouse.

One Cheering Thing 🍻

Litentry is on treading search of CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap these two days, and we are ranking #142 with a market cap of US$146,730,780 on CoinGecko by the time we published this article 🔥

About Litentry

Litentry is a Decentralized Identity Aggregator that enables linking user identities among multiple decentralized networks. Litentry provides a trustable way for dApps to obtain real-time DID data of an identity owner across multiple blockchains and dApps. Featuring a DID indexing protocol and a Substrate built distributed DID validation blockchain, Litentry provides a decentralized, verifiable identity aggregation service that removes the redundancy of code and the hassle involved in resolving agnostic DID mechanisms. Everyone can build and submit DID methods to Litentry, making identity data easily accessible in the Web3.

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