Litentry Weekly Updates — Dec 6th-12th

Litentry App

  • Improve the UX of QR coding signing with Parity Signer

Litentry Node (Account Linker & Offchain worker)

  • Finished preliminary link BTC functionality with some basic tests: can link P2PKH address


  • setup and configure Kusama validator node and participate Kusama Validator 1000 program (in preparation for Polkadot Validator 1000 Program)


  • Litentry’s community developer John Wu has conducted an online workshop for the DoraHacks Substrate Hackathon in the theme of “Link Ethereum Identity with Offchain-worker”. The DoraHacks Substrate Hackathon will be held in Hangzhou, China on the 19th and 20th of December and the Litentry team will attend and coach for cross-chain identity linking.

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