Litentry Weekly Updates (April 19–25)


  • Investigated the cross parachain function call
  • Developed the Xrecovery pallet
  • Researched token migration
  • Designed an NFT pallet preliminary
  • Researched cross-parachain
  • Off-chain worker in-team discussion and documentation
  • Proposed off-chain worker further development


  • Litentry document review and correction
  • Litentry forum maintenance
  • Developed social-linker-server
  • Prepared the design documentation for Xrecovery
  • Researched and investigated projects including Chainlink, the graph

Exchange Listing

$LIT token listed on Korean crypto exchange Coinone in trading pair LIT/KRW. Starting from April 22th, users will be able to buy and well $LIT using KRW(currency of South Korea). Founded in 2014, Coinone is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Korea, with a 24h volume of $610m and 816k weekly visit at the time of writing. This listing is a strategic step for Litentry to officially enter the Korean market and develop DID community in the region. Join our Korean TG channel to stay updated:

Partnerships & Events

  • Litentry partners with Standard, a collateralized Rebasable Stablecoins (CRS) protocol, to improve the IDO whitelist selection process to ensure fairness and decentralization. Scambot and multiple accounts in IDO are pain points which many projects are facing. To solve this, Litentry will provide advanced IDO whitelisting methods with identity-based whitelist selection validation to help identify eligible users and filter out unwanted users such as spambots.
  • Litentry partners with Razor Network, a decentralized oracle providing data to the smart contracts using a network of stakers, to use the Razor Validator Network to verify data collected from multiple blockchains for Litentry DID Aggregator.
  • Hanwen Cheng spoke at Bull Cycle of Long Run, a webinar hosted by ArkStream Capital, “We’re definitely in a bubble in crypto market right now, but when the bubble burst, you can still see a lot of important infrastructure, applications, or blockchain projects in the market.”
  • The Litentry team had the first online Wochenausklang happy hour this past week, having great chats and welcoming new teammates Lilly M. Dobreva (CPO) and Francisco Silva (dev) to join the Litentry family. We’re excited to see our team grow bigger:)

About Litentry

Litentry is a cross-chain identity aggregation protocol that features a Substrate-built network, mobile app and identity-related tools. The protocol enables identity linking across different networks and facilitates decentralization and transparency in identity credit computation. Litentry provides a secure vehicle through which users manage their identities and dApps obtain real-time credit/reputation of an identity owner across different blockchains.

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