Litentry weekly: Slot auction plan, the Bottom-up NFT creator economy

  • Testnet: token migration security
  • Completed the NFT indexer spike with MongoDB, graphql & the webapp
  • Opinion: 👾 the bottom-up NFT creator economy
  • Parachain slot auction plan update: Litentry will participate directly in the Polkadot auction

Testnet: token migration security

  • Collator fee research
  • Investigated the token migration security
  • AuraExt pallet research
  • Crucial pallet research


  • Completed the remaining NFT extrinsic integrations
  • Completed the NFT indexer spike with mongodb, graphql & the webapp
  • Worked on logging system (efk stack)
  • Upgraded Litentry registrar
  • Dockerfile and daemon preparation for parachain

👾 Opinion: the bottom-up NFT creator economy

  1. The pioneer era. Most of the output needs to be built from scratch, so good fundamental experiences in blockchain knowledge, economic model design, and programming skills are required.
  2. The developer era. Thanks to SDK and middleware contributions from the developer community, developers can more easily leverage existing tools to produce more efficiently;
  3. The pre-creator era. There are a variety of easy tools and templates for creators to use in the market. Starting a project can reduce or even eliminate the need to write code and assist community KOL in content and product output.
  4. The creator of the present era. A variety of online and offline courses and a wealth of toolkits have transformed the creator economy from a top-down, corporate and KOL-led movement into a bottom-up, community-centric creator economy movement.

🔴 Polkadot Parachain slot auction

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