Litentry this week: NFT pallet and Merkle airdrop

🎨 NFT pallet

🌴 Merkle Airdrop on the NFT pallet

Merkle tree example
  • Airdrop whitelist as the source data of the tree. Each data element consists of two things: the index and the account address. An index is automatically distributed and counted from 0 to the length of whitelist -1.
  • Hash each data element using keccak256 so that we get a 32 bytes long hash value of each data, which composes leave nodes of the Merkle Tree.
  • Now build a binary Merkle Tree with each pair sorted ascendingly pre-hashing.
the software architecture of Merkle airdrop

🧪 Testnet: Merkle claim, TEE integration

  • Finalized Merkle claim implementation, unit tests and documentation
  • Established and finalized a NodeJS project to generate Merkle Tree and Merkle Proof as a demo to interact with NFT pallet in terms of claiming functionality
  • Investigated SubstraTEE and made plans of MVP of TEE integration
  • Token migration test planning
  • Benchmark test for on_finalize method in off-chain worker
  • SubstraTEE setup and investigated the SDK version problem
  • Updated parachain dependencies to v0.9.6
  • Updated account-linker and added pallet documentation

📲 Litentry App: header, notification, firebase

  • Refactor navigation header
  • Integrated firebase
  • Setup Notification screen
  • Notification deep linking

🛠 Misc: Chainbridge, forum, validators upgrade

  • Fixed CI issue with 0.9.5 and 0.9.6 upgrades
  • Finalized Chainbridge setup scripts
  • Added Testnet config file for Chainbridge
  • Added parachain, relayer chain setup scripts
  • Upgraded Litentry Forum
  • Upgraded Polkadot/Kusama validators

🍺💚 Cheers from Munich!

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