Litentry Weekly: My Crypto Profile goes live, users can now shill NFTs on Twitter

  • My Crypto Profile product launch and introduction
  • Testnet: parachain correlation studies
  • Misc: Review and improve CI code refactoring

🖼 My Crypto Profile goes live!

What is My Crypto Profile?

(NFTs tab on Twitter profile)
(MCP genesis NFT art)

The technical infrastructure behind the product

The NFT market and display application

Product plan and vision

🧪 Testnet: Parachain related researches

  • Parachain token issuance research
  • Prepared load balancer for parachain
  • Parachain consensus and staking research
  • Added transfer test into CI
  • Parachain crowdloan research
  • Parachain testing research
  • Updated NFT merkle claim unit test
  • Balance pallet research
  • NFT pallet full test


  • Reviewed and improved CI codes refactoring
  • Improvement and bug fixed for devops scripts
  • Configured and added a third relay chain node to testnet
  • NFT Event document for subquery index

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