Litentry this week: we’re hiring; parent chain pallets on SGX; Web3Go now adapts to mobile; xcelerator demo day

First thing first — we’re hiring!


  • All parent chain pallets are put into SGX runtime; fixed the layer one block number issue
  • Uses Hex format for link_eth arguments input
  • Automated pallet benchmarking process which can be triggered via Github Actions
  • Studied the upstream runtime upgrade mechanism change since polkadot-v0.9.12

Mobile App

  • Continue to work on the indexer
  • Add the action to vote for council
  • Change UX for the accounts list
  • Continue to work on the redesign of the app

My Crypto Profile

  • fixing bugs and finalising BSC integration & NFTScan integration
  • further communication with NFTScan to know if they can support for more data requirements


Marketing & Community

About Litentry

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