Litentry this week: two XCM bi-directional channels between Litmus and Moonriver/Karura

Development Updates

  • The two XCM bi-directional channels between Litmus and Moonriver, Litmus and Karura are now open. Users can now send LIT tokens from the Litmus Network to the Moonriver Network or Karura Network and back. We anticipate that LIT will soon be live on Moonriver Staking and Karura Swap and bring more versatility to LIT.
  • The team is planning on rolling out the Staking Pallet functionality onto Rococo soon as the pallet is progressing well. There will be a document to guide and advise users on how to use the Staking Pallet via Polkadot JS.
  • We have distributed the Litentry Campaign crowdloan rewards. Distribution of failure compensation and rewards for users using Parallel is still a work in progress.
  • Drop3 and MyCryptoProfile will be merged into a new project named “Identity Hub”. The product aims to provide an all-in-one place for users to link identities, view, manage and capture the value of their identity, including the corresponding cross-chain data, credentials, assets, and more. Most features and functionalities that were previously provided by Drop3 and MCP will be installed into this new hub. Excited? A detailed introduction to Identity Hub will be provided to our community later.
  • Identity Hub is now adopting MCP’s aggregated identity data sharing framework. It now also supports linking a Litentry address into an ID Graph, which is a tree of relationships among your different addresses.

Events and Programs

  • Web3Go was selected for the Binance MVBV Incubation Program into the Infrastructure and Tooling track.
  • Web3Go Team has also attended and promoted at the ETHCC and its series of events in France.


  • Litentry has established a partnership with NodeReal, a Web3 infrastructure solution provider, to speed up data indexing in Ethereum and BNB Chain using NodeReal’s MegaNode Archive Node service.

Community Question(s)

Q: When will be activated token bridge from erc 20 to Parachain ?

A: Bridging LIT from Ethereum mainnet to Litmus is active and available here:

About Litentry

Litentry is a Decentralized Identity Aggregator that enables linking user identities across multiple networks. Featuring a DID indexing protocol and a Substrate-built distributed DID validation blockchain, Litentry provides a decentralized, interoperable identity aggregation service that mitigates the difficulty of resolving agnostic DID mechanisms. Litentry provides a secure vehicle through which users manage their identities and dApps obtain real-time DID data of an identity owner across different blockchains.

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