Litentry this week: Token migration development completed

  • Token migration is flexible. Users can choose whether to migrate
  • During the migration, the token circulation is not affected
  • The migration does not require high stability of the main network
  • High data protection security
LIT tokens successfully transferred to the main network
Token migration Webapp front-end interface

My Crypto Profile Beta

Testnet: Updated parachain dependencies

  • Updated parachain dependencies to v0.9.8
  • Added benchmark tests for account-linker
  • Fixed SubstraTEE compilation issues
  • Settled basic SubstraTEE structure
  • Merged ocw debugging and error handling refactoring

Misc: Fixed Twitter-linker bugs

  • Fixed Twitter-linker bugs
  • Setup server for Twitter-linker
  • Review parachain devops stuff
  • Improved architecture of webapp
  • Developed the NFT airdrop front
  • Reorg the substraTEE repos

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