Litentry this week: substrate-account-linker for sgx-runtime; Polkadot native token indexer on Web3Go; Bifrost now supports Litentry crowdloan


  • [TEE] implement substrate-account-linker for sgx-runtime
  • [TEE] align with upstream codes/github actions
  • [Devop] setup a basic logging system via ELK
  • [Research] basic research on Nimbus as preparation of NPoS setup after launching (WIP)
  • [Parachain] implementation of pallet-drop3 business logic

Mobile App

  • Feedback screen added
  • Using faceID/TouchId for signing with accounts
  • Polkadot api updated plus other dependencies.
  • Bug fixing and UI improvement
  • Democracy & democracy summary added to api-gateway

My Crypto Profile

  • Web3 identity service MVP product design for Phala’s integration, target is to finish by mid of February


  • Polkadot native token indexer in development; Moonriver/Statemine token in research stage
  • Code version range architecture
  • Moonriver staking monitor, email notification finished. Move on to twitter, discord etc


  • Our Christmas collaboration and giveaway with Mintverse has ended on Dec 22. Did you love our Christmas gifts?
  • Mel spoke with Parallel, Enjin and PolkaWorld about new year resolutions, upcoming product plans and parachain auction.
  • We just opened a new Chinese Telegram group for Chinese community: . We’re also looking for Chinese ambassador to translate content and manage community group for Litentry, hit us up if you’re interested.
  • Crowdloan check-in: we have raised 154,789.45 DOT from 1410 contributors, ranking 8th in the competition at the time of writing. The current reward ratio is 129.21 LIT : 1 DOT.
  • You can now contribute through Bifrost to Litentry Crowdloan. Gain liquidity vsDOT and 0.04 BNC/DOT bonus on Bifrost. All crowdloan LIT rewards and referral also apply.
  • All partner auction channels now support the Litentry Referral Program. Refer a friend and share a 5% referral bonus in Litentry Crowdloan (2.5% to referrer, 2.5% to referee.)
  • We’ve just updated our crowdloan one-pager with the newest auction channels rewards (0.04 BNC/DOT on Bifrost, 10% referral bonus on Parallel, 25% compensation on Parallel):

About Litentry

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