Litentry this week: mobile app under internal testing, fee display on crowdloan app, Web3Go APIs, community Light Rangers


  • Added automated release change note
  • Added cargo clippy check and integrated into ci
  • Preliminary token distribution script is ready
  • Merged TEE upstream code change, implemented the trusted query for linked Ethereum address

Mobile App

  • Decided to use react-native-paper to redesign the app with material design
  • Started work with the new app design
  • Released the app internally with automation in bitrise
  • Fix minor UI glitches
  • Started initial work with indexer
  • Added production bug reporting into the app with Sentry
  • Started with adding auction screen in the app

Crowdloan Web App

  • Fees are now displayed while contributing
  • Users will be warned if the remaining balance after the contributions is below the Existencial Deposit
  • Minor UI tweaks

My Crypto Profile

  • Extract My Crypto Profile frontend application into a new repository
  • Merge MCP frontend and backend apps in the same repo, using Nx
  • Tested and helped deploying BSC integration


  • Provided three APIs/Services to Litentry internally last week; crowdloan list to Parachain Team; number of contributors of Litentry to PNS; and crowdloan information to Drop3.
  • Support SS58 address format everywhere in crowdloan, bug/fix
  • Started with UI design of adaption for mobile, 3 pages finished
  • Start token analysis for MOVR, kUSD


  • Shout out to our Community Light Rangers — @Sky0x4, @Mat46530993, @Kiwi_Kyle. They’ll be entitled to a special badge on Discord and Telegram and receive identity bonuses in the Litentry ecosystem. The Light Rangers list has a rolling admission and will offer to those who are most active and helpful to the Litentry community, so everyone who attempt to contribute will be able to participate.
  • PolkaWorld, a diligent social media channel on WeChat, has published an article on Litentry Crowdloan and our reward mechanism. You can read the article in here.

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