Litentry this week: Mobile app added parachain auction features; drafted crowdloan rewards calculator


  • Update parachain dependencies to v0.9.12
  • Make docker release stable
  • Fixed initial pallets and parameters
  • Fixed and implemented fee related stuffs

Mobile App

  • Finished features related to Parachain auction
  • Spend time to solve problems related to low performance of cryptography functions on React-Native environment

Crowdloan Web App

  • Added to Litentry JS, our npm package repository for sharable client side substrate code
  • Built the first draft of the rewards calculator (to be updated next week with the finalised rewards)
  • A variety of styling/copy amendments to the Crowdloan website

My Crypto Profile

  • Increased server performance by adding Gzip compression to assets
  • Improved NFT Portrait feature by adding more loading states and handling more exceptions
  • Added Plausible analytics, also added to Crowdload app and website

Belated Happy Halloween!

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