Litentry this week: Litmus Balance Transfer & Identity Management Pallet

Identity Hub:

  • Create Identity Management Pallet (IMP)
  • Create a Link Credential extrinsic
  • Create a Verify Credential extrinsic
  • Create VC Generated extrinsic


  • Shielding Key (securing communication from the F/E to the TEE Enclave)
  • Public verification for Discord and Twitter Web2 platforms
  • Ruleset — Link and verify a Web2.0 and Web3.0 accounts which will generate a Verifiable Credential (VC)
Litentry Parachain explorer is now LIVE on

Graph & Votewise:

Events and others:

Aggregated Identities for Airdrops on the Blockchain w/ Kai from Litentry -Space Monkeys

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Make your identity tangible without being seen.

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