Litentry this week: ID Hub Phase 1 will be finished this week; fixed issues in bi-directional token bridge

Identity Hub


  • We received feedback on problems in the bi-directional token bridge where the network is unable to estimate gas fee. The problem has been fixed now, we will activate the bridge this week.
  • Adding Email, Twitter, Discord Verification features to TEE. This allows identity verification to be run in a privacy-preserving manner. This week we just finised the prototype verification of email and oauth verification via micro-service in TEE.
  • Improving the weights calculation of Staking Pallet, will start to roll it out very soon!

Mobile App

  • We created user scenarios to ensure we are covering the core value proposition.
  • Later this week we will have a session with Polkadot Council to validate new UI/UX improvements and clarify questions regarding Polkadot Governance 2.0.


About Litentry

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