Litentry this week: Explain Litentry’s architecture like I’m five

  1. Obtain identity scores from multiple data analysis platforms and aggregate them;
  2. Compute the aggregate identity score according to the customizable weighting algorithm;
  3. Encrypt the data and shield computation with TEE to enhance privacy.
  • Analyst 1 indexes data from Parity nodes and finds that user A holds 1000 DOT, giving users A 1000 points, weighted 0.008;
  • Analyst 2 reads on-chain governance events on Polkadot network, and finds that user A participated in on-chain governance twice, giving user A 2 points, weighted 3.0;
  1. Source data layer. The source platforms of the data obtained by our identity analysts, such as Etherscan, The Graph, Onfinality and other data providers.
  2. Address analysis layer. It mainly serves as an external server that provides data analysis, such as Nansen, Chainalysis, our upcoming product Litentry Whitelisting and other address analysis platforms.
  3. Identity aggregation layer. Litentry generates address relations belonging to the same identity, and then obtains the corresponding address analysis data from the address analysis layer, and carries out the weighted computation.
Litentry architecture diagram

Testnet: NFT pallets, SubstraTEE setup

  • Added runtime benchmarks for NFT pallets
  • Updated NFT pallet to track latest upstream dependencies
  • Investigated on substraTEE and env setup
  • Refactored integration test
  • Added documentation deployment support of pallets on CI
  • Substrate benchmark testing
  • Prepared parachain testing

Misc: Upgraded validators, registrar dependencies

  • Upgraded Polkadot & Kusama Validators
  • Refined Chainbridge/validator scripts
  • Updated dependencies for Kusama-registrar
  • Fixed smart contract invokes problem
  • Web app: Next.js migration
  • Developed token migration UI

Beincrypto interview: Application of Identity Aggregation in KYC authentication

Spoted: Hanwen in a nice suit

Litentry x DAFI AMA: DID in staking

Litentry x MathChain:DID in DeFi

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