Litentry this week: DID startups program launch and the evolvement of digital identity

  • Testnet: Local experiments of try-runtime and runtime upgrade
  • Launched DID startups program, an incubator for decentralized identity projects
  • Opinion: The evolvement of digital identity


  • Collator fee research
  • Cumulus pallets research
  • Adapted the account linker pallet into sgx execution
  • Added collator related pallets to parachain
  • Local experiments of try-runtime and runtime upgrade
  • Structure adjustment of parachain chain-spec
  • Finalized testing TS investigation and cumulus test suite


  • Upgraded litentry-registrar
  • Refactored deployment scripts
  • Investigated NFT indexer for MCP
  • Exploration on the Substrate indexer Hydra, Hydra architecture, and Warthog, a GraphQL framework.
  • Discussions on Litentry Web3 Indexer architecture
  • Started research about crowdloan webpage

DID startups program

(Video: Introducing DID startups program) The decentralization of identity

Opinion: The evolvement of digital identity

  • Centralized Identity, as in ID of administrative control by a single authority or hierarchy, is commonly seen on the traditional internet. Users need to register and log in to an account to use a website’s service.
  • Federated Identity improved on the problem of balkanization — Instead of one ID per site, users can wander from site to site using, for example, a Google account.
  • The user-centric identity focuses more on user consent and interoperability, respecting some level of user consent about how to share an identity and with whom.
  • Self-sovereign Identity advanced the former stage by creating user autonomy and giving users full control of their identity. But back then there was no consensus on what SSI should be.

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