Litentry this week: a week after My Crypto Profile went live

  • My Crypto Profile launched on Product Hunt, a Product launching platform for the tech entrepreneur community. We got 262 upvotes on the first day, ranking fifth in the community. On our product page, we received positive comments on the design, product logic, user experience, etc., and received feedback on product refinements such as adding more networks and supporting ENS addresses.
MCP launched on Product Hunt
  • Registration mechanism changed: Due to too many visits after launch, we triggered Twitter API restrictions that caused registration pause. Therefore, we changed the registration mechanism to which only users who own NFT can create profiles. The team is keeping a close eye on the registration mechanism and will inform you when open registration is available to regular users.
  • In the first two weeks after its launch, the MCP extension was viewed 47,000 times on Google Store, with a daily conversion rate of over 50%, including users who failed to download the extension while browsing on their mobile phones. We see about 3,000 new visiting users for the platform’s official website, and 1,400 new download users for the extension. The number continues to grow.
  • On the community side, the product Twitter account @web3mcp has over 1,000 followers so far, and 323 new members have joined our Discord chat.
  • My Crypto Profile is partnering with Treasureland to launch a joint “UNCHARTED” rare NFT lottery. Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT aggregation protocol that supports NFT mint, issuance, auction, and socialization.
MCP partners with Treasureland to co-launch NFTs
  • MCP GENESIS NFT: Prizes are original NFT artwork on the MCP theme, the first of which will be the Mona Lisa series. Available to the first 500 users who create an MCP profile and share it on Twitter.

Testnet: Block reward and transaction payment research

  • Block reward research
  • Transaction payment research
  • try-runtime research
  • Pallets balances, proxy, vesting, multisig research
  • Integration test of parachain research
  • Added transfer related test in integration test
  • Kusama forked relay chain research

Misc: Setup SubQuery indexer server

  • Setup SubQuery indexer server
  • Integrated all NFT extrinsics and indexed the related data
  • Indexed NFT data using SubQuery
  • Upgraded Twitter linker
  • Set up elk for log analysis

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