Litentry Teams With Bondly To Link Twitter Accounts to Ethereum Wallet

Bondly Finance now integrates with Litentry’s upcoming Crypto Identity & Social Network product called “My Crypto Profile” that allows users to link and verify their Ethereum accounts with Twitter accounts in an automatic and transparent way. This is powered by Litentry Registrar which is an open-sourced software that focuses on automatic verifications, leveraging well-designed cryptographical challenges to further reduce human interventions.

Prototype of My Crypto Profile

My Crypto Profile also features NFT collections. With Bondly’s integration, NFT collectibles on Bondly will be displayed across the platform. Owners of these NFTs will be able to link their crypto assets with Twitter accounts, and prove his/her ownership over these NFTs on Twitter. Their ownerships over their crypto collectibles get to be announced via My Crypto Profile platform.

Prototype — Sharing Your Crypto Assets on Twitter

Secure Verification

Architecture of the Litentry Registrar

When Will the Product Launch?

In the future, this platform will be integrated in the Litentry blockchain to realize fully decentralized verification service. And the validators will also be upgraded to a permissionless distributed validation network built within the Litentry blockchian, making the verification process verifiable and eliminating centralization through the entire process.

Quote from Bondly

“As we continue to bring the NFT crypto space closer to non-crypto native users, Litentry’s product helps solve a real problem in the NFT community. As we look to build on utilities in the NFT space, this solution helps create the synergies between crypto collectibles and social network by closing the loop of Discovery — Verification — Interaction for NFTs.”

Quote from Litentry

“Bondly Finance has always been a forerunner to the next generation of digital collectibles and we are proud of our joint efforts on bringing NFTs to social network. We look forward to building social impacts for all the NFT collectors and carrying forward the fine culture of the NFT community.”

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