Litentry Partners with OpenSquare to integrate algorithms and build a decentralized credit system

  • Integrate the credit-rating algorithms of OpenSquare into Litentry’s verification-mechanism library. OpenSquare has a large credit-algorithm database that comprises multi-dimensional credit indicators, which greatly coincides with Litentry decentralized self-updating verification-algorithm system.
  • Integrate the APIs between the Litentry DApp and the OpenSquare web application
  • Litentry will support the development of the credit model in Dotreasury, an OpenSquare project built to serve the Kusama Treasury participants and backed by Kusama Treasury. This follows the adoption of the Poca Ecosystem Project OpenSquare’s Proposition 58 Treasury Proposal, which aims to create a feedback and feedback mechanism for the Kusama Treasury mechanism.
  • Explore constructive ideas in building a more efficient, decentralize, democratic DAO in the credit system, in an effort to provide an organic environment that nurtures the project and the community.
  • Cooperate in project development and synchronize parallel-chain resources

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