Litentry Partners with MathChain to Expand Adoption of DID in DeFi Wallet

2 min readJul 5, 2021

We are glad to announce that Litentry has achieved strategic partnership with MathChain, a Polkadot smart wallet parachain based on Substrate.

Through this cooperation, the two parties will jointly explore more possibilities in the adoption of Decentralized Identity (DID) in DeFi and cross-chain markets. Litentry is able to aggregate identities across various blockchains and provide better DID service for dApps in the Clover ecosystem. At the same time, we will explore developing a brand new Litentry interface that supports identity aggregation, displaying and management, such as displaying a user’s NFT collection, rewarded metals from other Dapps etc. Litentry will also integrate MathChain account system, allowing MathChain’s identity data to be indexed by Litentry Network.

Based on the 1M+ MathWallet users, MathChain allows easy interoperability with Polkadot / Ethereum / BSC / Filecoin / Rollups / EVM side chains. MathChain can provide users’ portraits in DeFi products, which can function as the basic infrastructure for identity in various aspects including on-chain governance and decentralized finance. Meanwhile, MathWallet will support more DeFi products that adopt DID.

The two projects strengthen each other in building verifiable identity data for Web3. The DeFi user profile generated from MathChain can provide Litentry users with more diverse identity data. Meanwhile, by aggregating the user identity data from MathWallet to a Litentry identity, the DeFi user profile of MathWallet can be turned into verifiable credentials, thus making it a reliable data source for decentralized applications.

About MathChain

MathChain is the Layer 2 blockchain based on Substrate. Based on the 1M+ MathWallet users, MathChain is focusing on smart wallet, massive adoption, go-to-market and inclusive blockchain applications and will be a decentralized permissionless parachain powered L2, that allows easy interoperaibility with Polkadot / Ethereum / BSC / Filecoin / Rollups / EVM side chains. MathChain has been selected as one of the ‘Parity Substrate Builders Program’ projects. Visit for more information.

About Litentry

Litentry is a Decentralized Identity Aggregator that enables linking user identities across multiple networks. Featuring a DID indexing protocol and a Substrate-built distributed DID validation blockchain, Litentry provides a decentralized, interoperable identity aggregation service that mitigates the difficulty of resolving agnostic DID mechanisms. Litentry provides a secure vehicle through which users manage their identities and dApps obtain real-time DID data of an identity owner across different blockchains.

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