Litentry partners with DeCredit to harness the potential of decentralized credit

Litentry is glad to announce our strategic partnership with DeCredit, a DeFi 2.0 protocol that links credit authentication nodes and credit oracle to lending products. The two teams will work together to harness the potential of decentralized credit in the transformation of lending.

The advert of decentralized credit becomes a turning point in the lending industry. Compared to the traditional collateralized loan model, decentralized credit ease the latency in resource allocation by eliminating full collateralization or even over-collateralization in loans. DeCredit provides decentralized credit services by linking credit oracle that connects off-chain credits to on chain and verifying credit in their credit authentication nodes.

In this partnership, DeCredit will strengthen the capacity and performance of its credit authentication system by accessing and integrating Litentry’s decentralized credit computation network. Besides, they will incorporate Litentry’s DID credits into their existing credit model.

Litentry plans to index identity relevant data from DeCredit protocol’s credit oracle, with the purpose to enhance the accuracy and completeness of users’ aggregated identity.

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