Litentry New Year Campaign Guideline

4 min readJan 8, 2024


1. Login

Click on the link below to connect your Wallet to participate New Year Campaign.

2. Create Password

After logging in, click on the bottom left to set your personal password to protect your identity data.

After successfully setting up the password, you can participate the New Year Campaign and start to generate your credentials to win the reward.

3. The Campaign Details

The “New Year Campaign” page is divided into three major sections:

a. The first section: Displays the campaign duration and rules

b. The second section: Used to generate your credentials to earn corresponding scores, and light up the letters “LIT”

c. The third section: Allows you to check your ranking, score composition, and corresponding rewards in the Leaderboard

Let’s delve deeper into the second and third sections:

  • For the second part, we offer a variety of credentials for you to generate. These are your on-chain behavioral data, and we, through a privacy-preserving manner, help enhance your web3 identity weight. These credentials are not only effective for the current campaign but will also have a lasting impact. Litentry plans to organize more extensive campaigns in the future, and the scores generated once will remain valid and beneficial throughout your lifetime.
  • As for the third part, you can visually compare your score and ranking with others. In the “Rewards” column, you can also see whether you qualify for the final rewards. If not, you should hurry up and boost your score to secure a higher ranking. These scores are not only effective for this particular campaign but also, in future Litentry campaigns, you’ll find that these scores will bring you even greater benefits.

4. Illustration Detail

Refer a friend: You can refer more friends to join this campaign, and they can contribute more points to you.

a. Click “Refer a friend” to invite your friends

b. Share the invite link to your friends to participate in the campaign, you will see the increase within your score, that they have contributed to you

In this campaign, we have many credentials for verification.

Taking 「ETH Holder」 as an example, click this credential, go to the detail page. Click “Generate Credential” to generate your credential.

Please be patient while the credential is generating.

When the page shows “Credential Claimed,” your credential claim is successful and you will see your score have increased accordingly.

5. Verifying Credentials

As shown in the below screenshot, these are your verified credentials.

Light up the “LIT” letters by completing the credentials generation for the initials. For example: 「LIT Holder」credential can light up the letter “L”.

6. Airdrop Rules

You need to light up all three letters “LIT” and secure a ranking within the top 130 on the leaderboard in order to qualify for the corresponding reward. The reward amount can be directly viewed in the leaderboard.

7. Campaign Rewards

  • TOP 1–10: 22.4USDT for 10 winners.
  • TOP 11–50: 10USDT for 40 winners.
  • TOP 51–130: 5USDT for 80 winners.

8. Contact Us

If you have any questions, please join our Discord and contact our Mods for assistance.