Litentry Monthly Summary (March 2021)

1. Litentry Node

1.1 Testnet:

  • Developed smart contract based on ink
  • Explored the tools from patract
  • Migrated pallets into individual repos, and setup CI for each repo
  • Fixed bug about offchain-worker not triggered in parachain
  • Extended europa (test tool from patract) to support offchain worker
  • Implemented a credit contract based on btc and eth balance
  • Fixed litentry-node chain spec issues
  • Deployed Litentry testnet
  • Contracts pallet research
  • Fixed the block not finalized problem
  • Investigated offchain worker protocol
  • Adapted pallets with latest substrate change

1.2 Parachain:

  • Added treasury, technical committee, and democracy for parachain
  • Research about cross-chain token transfer
  • Updated parachain dependency to latest cumulus
  • Fixed the offchain worker not working issue on litentry-parachain
  • Updated rococo branch in litentry-pallets repo to adapt the latest rococo-v1 changes
  • Added proxy pallet to parachain
  • Updated parachain with latest polkadot and adapted tests accordingly
  • Completed token-server integration with node and parachain
  • Added recovery pallet to parachain
  • Updated parachain to latest dependencies

2. Litentry APP:

  • Support setIdentity transaction in Litentry App for Kusama and Polkadot network, allowing user to submit identity data
  • Support requestJudgment transaction enabling user to request judgement from respective Registrar service.
  • Integrate Tips data into the app, currently showing the latest Tip.
  • Support requestJudgement from a predefined Registrar
  • Support display list of all available Tips on a network
  • Various bugfixes

3. DevOps:

  • Kusama validators updated
  • Setup litentry forum backup sync to aws s3
  • Litentry becomes a Registrar on Kusama network
  • Successfully join Polkadot Validator 1000 Program
  • Rococo validator upgraded
  • Polkadot validator upgraded
  • Installed Litentry forum monitor
  • Support Litentry forum Chinese/Japanese/Korean localized username
  • Fixed bugs in litentry-registrar
  • Updated notification message template in litentry-registrar
  • Updated CI with repository_dispatch, to enable remote trigger of integration test from child repo (litentry-pallets) to parent repos (litentry-node and litentry-parachain)
  • Migrated token server to standalone repo
  • Updated Litentry registrar message template
  • Setup proxy account for Litentry registrar
  • Setup Kusama registrar Live
  • Upgraded rococo validator
  • Updated Litentry testnet to PolkadotJS app
  • Finished Pull Request automation of dependency update
  • Verified & Tech-support for litentry-registrar

4. Web and Documentation:

  • Submit Proposal on Kusama of becoming a registrar
  • Litentry Registrar document review
  • Documentation of the smart contract used in Litentry

5. Partnerships & Achievements

  • Litentry Rostcok has successfully generated its Genesis Block on Polkadot #Rococo testnet as a parachain! This means Litentry team is technically ready for the coming #ParachainSlotAuction on Kusama/Polkadot, and now we can test the identity aggregation protocol with cross-chain message (XCMP).
  • Litentry joined the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator 2021 Cohort.
  • Litentry partners with Bondly Finance to link Twitter accounts to Ethereum wallet with Litentry’s upcoming Crypto Identity & Social Network product calledMy Crypto Profilewhich allows users to link and verify their Ethereum accounts with Twitter accounts.
  • Litentry partners with the API3 to monetize its DID Aggregation API for Web-3 end users.
  • Our Polkapet LITENTRY says hi to the world on March 12! Playful and energetic, LITENTRY has a special power move called Blaze and has great NFT value and utility. The polkapet sold out in under 5 minutes.
  • Litentry partners with Cere to help with blockchain enterprises’ customer identity.
  • Litentry will become a data provider of Apron Network. Meanwhile, Apron will integrate Litentry’s DID Aggregation API.
  • Litentry will work closely with MAP protocol to drive chain-to-chain interoperability.
  • Litentry partners with Paralink Network to integrate Paralink’s cross-chain oracle solutions.
  • Litentry and Reef launched the LIT/REEF staking bonds, users can lock up $LIT to stake $REEF.

6. Community & Events

  • Litentry CEO Hanwen Cheng Spoke at a Decentralized Identity (DID) roundtable hosted by ChainMediate, a DeFi media based in Shenzhen.
  • Litentry is running for the Polkadot Decoded Conference, a community-curated event is returning on May 20th.
  • Litentry CMO Kayla Wang spoke at, a Chinese cryptocurrency news platform, on market opportunities in the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Litentry x Binance MENA was lived on Youtube. Binance MENA/Arabic is a regional community with 9.6k members.
  • Litentry x Binance Portuguese AMA. Binance Portuguese is a regional community with 18.4k members.
  • Litentry x Binance Ukrainian AMA. Binance Ukrainian is a regional community with 15.5k members.
  • Litentry x Binance Spanish AMA. Binance Español is a Binance community group with over 35k members.
  • Litentry presented its core product and the initiative of NFT & identity on Open Web Foundry by Arweave’s Demo Day. Open Web Foundry is a programme guiding founders through the process of launching an amazing new startup on the Arweave’s decentralized web.
  • Coinbueau, a blockchain Youtube Channel with over 511K subscribers, talked about his Top 3 Polkadot Projects being Litentry, Acala and Phala.
  • Polkafrance, a Polkadot French community, hosted a Litentry online discussion on Telegram.

About Litentry

Litentry is a cross-chain identity aggregation protocol that features a Substrate-built network, mobile app and identity-related tools. The protocol enables identity linking across different networks and facilitates decentralization and transparency in identity credit computation. Litentry provides a secure vehicle through which users manage their identities and dApps obtain real-time credit/reputation of an identity owner across different blockchains.

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