Litentry Monthly Summary(Feb 2021)


Litentry Node

Account Linker pallet

  • Complete the benchmark for account linker
  • Attribute macro for account linker
  • Frame 2.0 event for account linker


  • Get the benchmark data for off chain worker pallet


  • Updated integration test of Parachain to run through litentry test scenarios with two relay nodes as validators
  • Migrating off chain worker to parachain
  • Improve ci and integration testing on parachain
  • Refactor parachain code structure to align with node structure
  • Update litentry node with substrate 3.0 and adapt integration tests.
  • Update parachain dependencies to substrate 3.0
  • Parachain functionality design
  • Frame 2.0 benchmark for runtime call
  • Add council for parachain
  • Add scheduler pallet for parachain
  • Adapt integration test for parachain 3.0
  • Add new ocw implementation to parachain

Litentry APP

  • Support parsing substrate sub-account data
  • bugfixes related to account import


  • Added scripts and CI workflow for running through integration tests on GitHub Actions
  • Fix element/email server bug to prevent unexpected process crash.
  • Upgrade rococo validator to new rococo release
  • Upgrade polkadotJS app lib to latest version 3.7.3
  • Upgrade CI to self hosted server for litentry node and parachain
  • Refactor twitter for registrar
  • Litentry forum upgrade
  • Migrate and integrate alert system with slack channel
  • Set up polkadot validators and related monitor
  • Add Unittests for Litentry registrar
  • Minor fixes of tests and CI

Web and Documentation

  • Add Litentry Registrar docs
  • Setup parachain and related SSL certificate
  • Submit “Litentry Rostock” parachain on polkadotjs app dashboard
  • Polkadot slot auction research
  • Release the new website on AWS, which built on top of Next.js.
  • Set up redirect server for our official website
  • Deploy kusama registrar on AWS


LIT Token launched on Binance

Litentry’s ERC-20 token $LIT was officially launched on Binance on Feb. 6th and was listed on Uniswap, PancakeSwap,, Hotbit, MXC, CoinEx and DODO continuously.

LIT Mining Pools

Litentry launched 5 different mining pools with Binance Launchpad, PancakeSwap and Reef Finance this month and we reached highest $1.24 billion total value locked in the Binance Launchpool with at least 149k participants.

Screenshot on Jan 31st


Litentry has reached partnership with some projects in the Polkadot ecosystem including Clover Finance, OptionRoom, Paid Network and Reef Finance to facilitate the adoption of aggregated identity and explore new opportunities of aggregated identity in DeFi.

Joined the Substrate Builders Program

Litentry is now a member of the Substrate Builders Program. The program is started by the Parity team to identify, support and mentor Substrate-related projects. Substrate is a modular blockchain framework that Litentry is built with.

Community Events

12 AMAs this month!

Litentry x CryptoTimes (Region: Japan, Impact Scale: 250k+)

Litentry x DFG Clubs (Region: China, Member Scale: 7k+)

Litentry x SPECTRE GRP (Region: Global, Member Scale: 12k+)

Litentry x CryptoUniverse (Region: India, Member Scale: 11k+)

Litentry x BlockArk (Region: China, Member Scale: 5k+)

Litentry x BinanceKorean (Region: Korea, Member Scale: 7k+)

Litentry x DeFi 7 o’clock (Region: China, Impact Scale: 200k+)

Litentry x Mandy’s ICO Research (Region: India, Member Scale: 6k+)

Litentry x BinanceRussian (Region: Russia, Member Scale: 58k+)

Litentry x Binance English (Region: Global, Member Scale: 186k+)

Litentry x Binance Turkish (Region: Turkey, Member Scale: 5.7k+)

Litentry x Binance Polish (Region: Poland, Member Scale: 6.1k+)

Speeches & Events

  • Litentry’s CEO Hanwen Cheng had a fire-side talk with the Co-Founder of Digital Renaissance Yin Cao about the value of decentralized identity coming across the WSB event and Clubhouse in the 128th episode of the Binance Block101 channel.
  • Litentry’s developer John Wu spoke at Polkadot Hackathon Workshop about off-chain worker on February 23.
  • Litenty’s CMO Kayla Wang spoke in a round table hosted by 499 Block and shared opinions on the Web 3.0 and Ethereum.
  • John and Hanwen joined the Multicoin Podcast to share their views on the development of the blockchain industry in Asia. The podcast was conducted in Chinese.
  • Crypto media SnapFingers took an interview with the Litentry’s CEO Hanwen Cheng and CTO Fei Liu in which they shared the overview of Litentry and insights into blockchain identity.
SnapFingers Interview with Fei and Hanwen


  • Litentry’s first community meetup was held on Litentry Official Telegram in which the team shared latest progress of the project and answered questions from the community.

About Litentry

Litentry is a Decentralized Identity Aggregator that enables linking user identities among multiple decentralized networks. Litentry provides a trustable way for dApps to obtain real-time DID data of an identity owner across multiple blockchains and dApps. Featuring a DID indexing protocol and a Substrate built distributed DID validation blockchain, Litentry provides a decentralized, verifiable identity aggregation service that removes the redundancy of code and the hassle involved in resolving agnostic DID mechanisms. Everyone can build and submit DID methods to Litentry, making identity data easily accessible in the Web3.

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