Litentry Crowdloan welcomes new partner PNS, giving contributors free Polkadot domain names

  • All participants who contribute more than 10 DOT to the Litentry Crowdloan can earn a Polkadot domain name (.dot) for free after verification. Contributions through various decentralized platforms are valid, but centralized exchanges are not supported by PNS at the moment.
  • The domain name is pre-locked and can be activated and used after the official launch of the PNS Network. It is completely free for your first year use. After the domain expires, you renew it for $5/year, which means you get a $25 off registration fee + free use for a year.

What is a Polkadot domain name (.dot)?

How to get a Polkadot domain name?

  1. Contribute to Litentry Crowdloan with 10 DOT or above. If you have already done so, you may skip this step. You can contribute to Litentry through the official channel or decentralized channels such as:
  • Contains at least 10 digits
  • Only English letters and digits are supported. Special characters are not supported
  • Domains are first come, first served, except for individual domain names on the reserved reservation list

In case Litentry fails to win a slot in the Polkadot parachain auction, will my domain name be taken back?

About PNS

About Litentry

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