Litentry: 2021 Achievements and Plans ahead of 2022

10 min readFeb 11, 2022


Dear Litentry Community,

The past year the Litentry team has been working hard to achieve significant improvements and progress in the Litentry project and build something that is useful and of value to our community, the Polkadot ecosystem, and the whole cryptocurrency space as a whole. As such and because we value transparency, we would like to report to our community our progress in detail in this article. As well as our plans for 2022. We will go through different categories of achievements in progress starting with our ecosystem growth.


1. Products launched in 2021:

My Crypto Profile

In August 2021 we launched My Crypto Profile. My Crypto profile has as its basis the Litentry cross-chain identity protocol and using My Crypto Profile allows users to showcase their digital assets by integrating their crypto wallet with Web2 websites such as Twitter, allowing for gamification, credit, and social interactions. In the long term, My Crypto Profile is building a Web3 identity platform and personal data indexing framework which forms a new order of identity usage defending personal data rights and data integrity. Currently, My Crypto Profile has over 1000 downloads on the Chrome Web Store and has a current rating of 5/5. You can follow My Crypto Profile’s Twitter account for the latest updates on the project. We plan to keep iterating on My Crypto profile throughout 2022 to provide web3 with state of an art identity as a service solution.


In October 2021 we launched Web3Go. Web3Go is an open data analytics platform that allows users to query, visualize and analyze blockchain data through easy-to-use yet powerful tools.

Web3Go provides a series of data services: Microscopic analysis and visualization of assets transactions, Parachain slot auctions and Defi activities; sophisticated address labeling system to create Web3 profiles according to users’ cross-chain identity data; a reward system utilizing Substrate Smart Contract to incentivize task posting and patronize data professions.

Despite its recent inception, Web3Go has received a grant from the Web3 Foundation, won several notable prizes from the Octopus Accelerator, Wanxiang, Moonbeam, and has worked closely with the Subquery team and Moonbeam team to provide various visualization insights. You can follow Web3Go project updates by following the Web3Go Twitter account.

2. DID Startup Program:

In September, we established the DID startups program. This is an incubator designed to boost growth in early-stage DID projects and serve as a working group for DID development. Our first batch of teams includes PNS(Polkadot Name Services) & DeCredit (off-chain credit oracle).

Polkadot Name System

PNS is a decentralized Domain Name System built on Polkadot, it is the universal passport of the Web3 ecosystem. Before long, PNS will be firstly onboarded on Litentry Parachain and use Litentry as the main registrar entry. In the future, PNS will use Litentry’s identity linking feature to index the public data into the domain name, with the private name reserved in Litentry’s TEE side chain.


DeCredit is an Off-chain Credit Oracle. Litentry has been working closely with DeCredit to provide go-to-market strategy and community-building support. DeCredit’s off-chain credit scores can be potentially integrated into our credit aggregation protocol as a reliable source for identity scoring.

3. Partnerships

2021 is a big year for Litentry’s partnership, we have been working with some of the best projects in the field not only to strengthen our fundamental technology (interoperability, data, privacy) like Integritee & Subquery, but also expand our future use cases like the Sandbox & My Neighbor Alice. Below you can find a visualization of the partnerships we acquired throughout 2021:

Protocol development:

The Three-layer Identity Aggregation Protocol

The protocol is able to obtain identity scores from multiple data analysis platforms and aggregate them; compute the aggregate The Three-layer Identity Aggregation Protocol identity score according to the customizable weighted algorithm, and encrypt the data and shield computation with TEE to enhance privacy.

In summary, the protocol architecture consists of three layers:

  1. Source data layer. The source platforms of the data obtained by our identity analysts, such as Etherscan, The Graph, Onfinality, and other data providers.
  2. Address analysis layer. It mainly serves as an external server that provides data analysis, such as Nansen, Chainalysis, our upcoming product Litentry Whitelisting and other address analysis platforms.
  3. Identity aggregation layer. Litentry generates address relations belonging to the same identity, then obtains the corresponding address analysis data from the address analysis layer, and carries out the weighted computation.

TEE (Trusted Execution Environment)

Litentry Network is using Integritee as the privacy protection solution for our identity aggregation computing services. All private data will be stored in the side chain of the TEE worker, the computation based on private data will be executed in the side chain and we will support some customized private data usage via smart contract.

Community Growth:

Our Community in 2021 grew significantly. Specific numbers can be found below:

Litentry Twitter: 68.000 + community members

Web3Go Twitter: 600+ community members

Drop3 Twitter: 3300+ community members

My Crypto Profile Twitter: 1400+ community members

Telegram: 12.000+ community members

YouTube: 600+ community members

Discord: 800+ community members

Binance Live: 3.000+ community members

Crowdcast: 70+ community members, 3 events

Medium: 2.500+ community members

All these totals to 91.000+ community members on our English-speaking social media, not accounting for parts of the Telegram community that have a Telegram channel in their own language.

In addition to our community members, we also have:

  • 3 Light Rangers
  • 5 Community managers to answer your questions

To encourage the growth and engagement of our community, we will continue by implementing more activities and events in 2022 with some amazing rewards for the community:

  • Litentry’s Ambassador Program: A volunteer program targeted to regional communities which aim to grow the Litentry community. Ambassadors are product advocates, community supporters for the project. They are key to the growth of the community through contributing marketing and community tasks.
  • Litentry Daily and Weekly Update of the Ecosystem and Auction: Short & concise daily post on Telegram about Litentry’s Crowdloan and Ecosystem development. Please subscribe to our social media for the latest announcements.
  • Community Task Reward Program: Multiple activities — such as games and quizzes — weekly with the community. The quizzes and games will aim at driving the community to learn more about Litentry and win $LIT or goodies. Community contests will reward thoughtful community members who spent time learning about the Litentry ecosystem.
  • Community Testing: Drop3 is an airdrop platform that rewards users who help to test new products, complete simple tasks or simply learn by performing tasks, more community testing will be announced for early beta testers to participate and contribute to product development.
  • Community Call: Text or Livestream Community Call will enable community members to interact directly with the Litentry team as well as ask any questions about the project. The community call will be hosted monthly to allow the community to discuss with the Litentry Team and actively participate in the roadmap.

Expansion of the team:

Litentry managed to expand significantly in the human capital and add new members to the team. Specifically, now the number of Litentry employees is 36 and the distribution is as follows:


  • 22 in product and engineering
  • 7 in marketing
  • 7 in business and operations

Geographic location:

  • 15 in Germany
  • 12 in China
  • 3 in the UK
  • 2 in Belgium
  • 1 in Italy
  • 1 in France
  • 1 in Vietnam
  • 1 in India

Litentry’s 2021 journey:

Our 2021 came also with a number of highlights which can be found below:

Looking ahead to 2022

1. Product

Looking ahead to 2022, we will be launching the first version of Litentry Mobile App and making it the go-to governance platform. We will also launch the first version of Drop3 platform and scale it to become the preferred community engagement tool for Web3 projects. For My Crypto profile, we will Iterate on it to provide Web3 with state of the art identity as a service solution. Further expanding the analytics capabilities of Web3Go to uncover and highlight valuable on-chain data. And last but not the least, we will polish product design to provide a delightful user experience

Products we can expect in 2022:

Drop3 Platform

Drop3 is a decentralized cross-chain airdrop protocol that helps with the discovery of new projects and rewards early users and adopters for task completion and learning. The community testing for Drop3 has been launched on January 18th, which people can still join until the 1st of February and earn rewards for completing tasks. You can follow the latest updates on Drop3 by following the project’s Twitter account.

Litentry Mobile App

The Litentry Mobile app is a governance application that will improve the experience of the Substrate communities when they participate in the governance of their favorite protocols. The Litentry Mobile app will be released in January and our ambition is to make it the go-to governance application for the Substrate ecosystem.

Project Loyalty NFT

Litentry’s Project Loyalty NFT allows for projects to issue loyalty rewards in the form of NFTs by using an identity’s previous historical activities. This allows for long-term project support through incentivizing users to be active in the community for further rewards. Project Loyalty NFT is expected to launch somewhere in 2022.

Litentry API Gateway

Litentry’s identity data aggregation API through various networks such as Substrate and Ethereum is expected to launch in 2022.


Litentry team is also working on the Single Sign-On possibility with PolkaSignIn. We expect with this feature enabled, users could log in to any web2 or web3 services without friction in remembering the password, or saving browsing information, and repeatedly input personal information in centralized services. Imagine we have the “ Login with Litentry account” together with “Login with Google account” on the login page. And proxy accounts on any network could be generated without any frictions. That means we could gain interoperability across networks and applications.

2. Technology advocacy

Besides the upcoming projects we also have plans to increase privacy, decentralization and improve test strategies. Specifically we have plans to:

  • Automate on parachain related tasks, develop more robust test strategies
  • Continue investigating on providing unified, high-quality, identity-related cross-chain data to various frontend clients via Api gateway.
  • Develop and test out concrete steps to Improve decentralization on the core services
  • Engage more with the open source community by encouraging outside contributors to collaborate, develop clearer guidelines and bring more transparency and reasoning to the community.
  • Continue conducting research on privacy related technologies
  • Keep up to date with latest developments of substrate framework to hold our chains at a healthy state while benefiting from the latest framework upgrade.

3. Challenges and Opportunities that lie ahead:

Just like in every project there are various challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and we are looking forward to overcoming the challenges and making use of the opportunities for the benefit of our community.

  • We are looking for good team members to contribute to the ecosystem
  • In 2022 we are looking forward to onboarding our parachain on both Polkadot and Kusama, and bringing the unstopped network to our users.
  • In the team, we are improving the decision making process with a flat and transparent organization. With the network launched, we want to explore a new governance model, and to encourage the community members to join the on-chain and off-chain governance.
  • Litentry aims to provide multi-chain support, we are looking to see more integrations as a cross-chain identity aggregation protocol. Especially since 2021 was a year for many great underlying blockchains like Polkadot, Solana, Near, Born of Ethereum and BSC’s smart contracts, grown and matured on Polkadot and Kusama,
  • Web3 is a long journey, and it is easy to be driven by the existing paradigm and profited capitals. Apart from the new products like Drop3, MCP, and Web3go focusing on the application and middleware layer, we want to build more underlying infructures of Web3, like the Sign-in system, mobile light client services, these problems are hard and hard to profit from, but we believe solving such problem will speed up the Web3 revolution.

Thank you very much for being a part of our community in 2021 and being part of the journey with us. We want to wish you a happy 2022 and to thank you for all the wonderful memories we created serving our community!

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