Litentry: 2021 Achievements and Plans ahead of 2022


1. Products launched in 2021:

My Crypto Profile


2. DID Startup Program:

Polkadot Name System


3. Partnerships

Protocol development:

  1. Source data layer. The source platforms of the data obtained by our identity analysts, such as Etherscan, The Graph, Onfinality, and other data providers.
  2. Address analysis layer. It mainly serves as an external server that provides data analysis, such as Nansen, Chainalysis, our upcoming product Litentry Whitelisting and other address analysis platforms.
  3. Identity aggregation layer. Litentry generates address relations belonging to the same identity, then obtains the corresponding address analysis data from the address analysis layer, and carries out the weighted computation.

Community Growth:

  • 3 Light Rangers
  • 5 Community managers to answer your questions
  • Litentry’s Ambassador Program: A volunteer program targeted to regional communities which aim to grow the Litentry community. Ambassadors are product advocates, community supporters for the project. They are key to the growth of the community through contributing marketing and community tasks.
  • Litentry Daily and Weekly Update of the Ecosystem and Auction: Short & concise daily post on Telegram about Litentry’s Crowdloan and Ecosystem development. Please subscribe to our social media for the latest announcements.
  • Community Task Reward Program: Multiple activities — such as games and quizzes — weekly with the community. The quizzes and games will aim at driving the community to learn more about Litentry and win $LIT or goodies. Community contests will reward thoughtful community members who spent time learning about the Litentry ecosystem.
  • Community Testing: Drop3 is an airdrop platform that rewards users who help to test new products, complete simple tasks or simply learn by performing tasks, more community testing will be announced for early beta testers to participate and contribute to product development.
  • Community Call: Text or Livestream Community Call will enable community members to interact directly with the Litentry team as well as ask any questions about the project. The community call will be hosted monthly to allow the community to discuss with the Litentry Team and actively participate in the roadmap.

Expansion of the team:

  • 22 in product and engineering
  • 7 in marketing
  • 7 in business and operations
  • 15 in Germany
  • 12 in China
  • 3 in the UK
  • 2 in Belgium
  • 1 in Italy
  • 1 in France
  • 1 in Vietnam
  • 1 in India

Litentry’s 2021 journey:

Looking ahead to 2022

1. Product

Drop3 Platform

Litentry Mobile App

Project Loyalty NFT

Litentry API Gateway


2. Technology advocacy

  • Automate on parachain related tasks, develop more robust test strategies
  • Continue investigating on providing unified, high-quality, identity-related cross-chain data to various frontend clients via Api gateway.
  • Develop and test out concrete steps to Improve decentralization on the core services
  • Engage more with the open source community by encouraging outside contributors to collaborate, develop clearer guidelines and bring more transparency and reasoning to the community.
  • Continue conducting research on privacy related technologies
  • Keep up to date with latest developments of substrate framework to hold our chains at a healthy state while benefiting from the latest framework upgrade.

3. Challenges and Opportunities that lie ahead:

  • We are looking for good team members to contribute to the ecosystem
  • In 2022 we are looking forward to onboarding our parachain on both Polkadot and Kusama, and bringing the unstopped network to our users.
  • In the team, we are improving the decision making process with a flat and transparent organization. With the network launched, we want to explore a new governance model, and to encourage the community members to join the on-chain and off-chain governance.
  • Litentry aims to provide multi-chain support, we are looking to see more integrations as a cross-chain identity aggregation protocol. Especially since 2021 was a year for many great underlying blockchains like Polkadot, Solana, Near, Born of Ethereum and BSC’s smart contracts, grown and matured on Polkadot and Kusama,
  • Web3 is a long journey, and it is easy to be driven by the existing paradigm and profited capitals. Apart from the new products like Drop3, MCP, and Web3go focusing on the application and middleware layer, we want to build more underlying infructures of Web3, like the Sign-in system, mobile light client services, these problems are hard and hard to profit from, but we believe solving such problem will speed up the Web3 revolution.



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