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7 min readNov 3, 2023

Bringing you a brand-new DeFi integrated partnership unlocking a world of unique credentials

Ready for a journey into decentralized identity and on-chain governance? Join Litentry and SORA by following our guide, participate in the quiz and test your knowledge while exploring the IdentityHub. Earn credentials, higher scores, and win amazing rewards!

Let’s dive into a brief introduction of our dynamic duo:

🌐 Litentry:

Litentry is a leading player in the decentralized identity revolution. It connects networks with a unique privacy preserving Decentralized Identity (DID) system. Litentry's goal is to empower DID aggregation, verification, and utility for the future of digital identity.

Goal: Litentry IdentityHub's main goal is to give individuals control over their digital identities in the Web3 era, and reshape the online interactions we have with businesses, organizations, and each other.
Purpose: Litentry IdentityHub enables users to manage online identities securely and privately while leveraging privacy preserving technologies to unlock new socio-economic innovations and interactions in the decentralized world.


SORA empowers its on-chain governance through the use of the XOR token. Community members of SORA put forward proposals to fund innovative and productive ideas, particularly those focused on top-tier goods and services. Holders of the XOR token then distribute these funds, stimulating growth and activity within the SORA economic ecosystem.

Goal: To implement a blockchain based economy that fosters innovative inflation use in goods and services, departing from price-fluctuation-prone traditional practices. Or in other words, to pave the way for cryptocurrencies to be used as money.
Purpose: Litentry’s IdentityHub manages online identities, enhancing privacy and security, while empowering confident navigation of the digital world — essential for the proper functioning of a new economic system.

Together Litentry and SORA will unlock a world of new credentials in the DeFi economy. As a participant in the campaign, you will be eligible to grab your first VC’s relating to the quiz as attendee and winner, thus contributing to your identity and score.

🌟 What’s in store?

  • Sign up with Airlyft tasks & win rewards
  • Assigned Discord Roles
  • Generating new credentials on IdentityHub
  • Participate in the quiz for a final reward & get that winner VC!

In this quiz, we’ll explore Web3 identity tech, privacy, and SORA’s DeFi insights, all with fantastic rewards! 😊 You’ll also dive into our platform, IdentityHub, with credentials, high scores, and the new EVM sign-in. Cool, right? Whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast, tech-savvy, or just curious about online identity, security, economic systems, and on-chain governance, this is your opportunity to learn, compete, and win!

Ready for the challenge? Get ready for thought-provoking questions on these cutting-edge technologies. Let the games begin! 😉 🏆

How to sign-up?

Complete all of the tasks on Airlyft, click the link below & sign-up by following the guide👇

🔗 https://airlyft.one/litentry/learn-earn-1698303416595

(1) Follow Litentry on Twitter (X) & Join Litentry’s Discord!

(2) In order to be verified as a participant, retrieve your role in Discord 🥷🏻 “Litentry&SORA Quiz Attendee”

(a) Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/litentry

(b) Verify your attendance by retrieving your role in Discord
🥷🏻 “Litentry&SORA Quiz Attendee”;

Step 1: Visit the channel — “✅︱litentry-verify” and follow the captcha steps

Step 2: Visit the channel — “✍️︱learn✘earn-attendee”, click the “✍️ icon and receive your role; 🥷🏻 “Litentry&SORA Quiz Attendee”

(3) Next 👉 Follow SORA on Twitter

(4) Visit the IdentityHub Website: https://idhub.litentry.io/

(5) Last but not least 😉 👉 Upload a Screenshot of your ‘Profile’ page with your Verified Credentials displayed!

(a) Click on the ‘Litentry Community Score’ profile

(b) Screenshot the ‘Profile page’; The screenshot should display that you have succesfully verified your credentials: “Litentry&SORA Quiz Attendee” and your “wallet address”

💡Tip: Capture a screenshot of the ‘Profile’ page, ensuring that your ‘Litentry&SORA Quiz Attendee’ are verified (Green √ : The credential has been verified)

And voilà! You are now officially a verified quiz attendee! Congratulations!! 😁 🏆

Your Roadmap to Learning

Now, for the final event 🙌 Make sure to educate yourself and hop onto that learning experience for the final stage…How? 👀

Follow the links below to learn more about Litentry & SORA in order to smash some answers for the quiz!

Step 1: 📹 Watch our video on Youtube ‘Litentry: Exploring the Power of Decentralized Identity’

Step 2: 📝 Have a read through SORA’s article released on Medium: ‘Understanding the TBCD and its Role in the SORA Ecosystem’
🔗 https://medium.com/sora-xor/understanding-the-tbcd-and-its-role-in-the-sora-ecosystem-85406048ab3d

💡Tip: For further information and learning you can also check-out Litentry & SORA’s documentation

🔗 LITENTRY: https://docs.litentry.com/front-end-products/identityhub
🔗 SORA: https://wiki.sora.org/introduction.html

We will also be hosting a TwitterSpace with SORA before the quiz day, be sure to tune in and get that last bit of knowledge to take home more rewards! 🏆

How to join the Quiz:

Now that you have completed the learning process and gained some exciting knowledge, be sure to join in for the finale!

⚠️ Ensure you have received the Role ‘Litentry&SORA Quiz Attendee’.
Only users with the Role is allowed to enter the quiz game.

Quiz Breakdown

🔍 This Gen Z quiz tests your knowledge of the Litentry-SORA partnership. Here’s how it works:

  • A bot posts 14 multiple-choice questions in the dedicated Discord channel.
  • Each question has one correct and three incorrect answers.
  • You have 30 seconds to answer each question. Scores (500–1000) depend on response speed.
  • After the quiz, a Leaderboard shows the top 10 winners who will receive the Discord Role, VC, and $LIT reward.

To ensure fairness, you can only win once. Double winners will be replaced by the next rank. Winners are evaluated before rewards distribution, and failure to follow rules leads to disqualification.

How do you unlock your reward?

Join the quiz for a Discord role, receive your first VC, and potential $LIT prizes. These VCs, linked to your IdentityHub profile, reflect your Web3 achievements and boost your profile score. Higher scores earn more VCs and rewards. Rewards, based on USDT value, will be distributed in $LIT tokens to the EVM accounts used for IdentityHub login.

💰Rewards up for grabs!💰

For the Airlyft Campaign

  • The number of Winner: 10 Winners
  • Each winner will receive 10$USDT
  • Discord Role ‘Litentry&SORA Quiz Attendee’
  • IDHub Access: Future created credentials highlighting the event and contributing to their identity score ‘Litentry&SORA Quiz Attendee’

For the Quiz:

  • The number of winners: 10 Winners
  • Each winner will receive $10USDT worth of $LIT
  • Discord Role ‘Litentry&SORA Quiz Master’
  • IDHub Access: Credentials highlighting the event and contributing to their identity score ‘Litentry&SORA Quiz Master’

💰Claiming your rewards! 💰

After the quiz event, there will be a message distributed to each winner (after background check to ensure quiz participation steps have been conducted) with steps to follow to claim your reward.

Both Airlyft and Quiz-game winners will need to submit screenshots of their ‘Credentials’ page in order to receive their rewards.

💡Tip: Capture a screenshot of the ‘Credentials’ page, ensuring that your ‘verified credentials’ (Litentry&SORA Quiz Attendee and Litentry&SORA Quiz Master) are included (Green ✔️: The credential has been verified)

Good luck and enjoy the journey with us! 🚀

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About Litentry

Litentry is a privacy-preserving Identity Aggregation protocol that enables granular access to and control of data. Featuring a DID indexing protocol and a Substrate-built distributed DID validation blockchain, Litentry provides a decentralized, interoperable identity aggregation service that mitigates the difficulty of resolving agnostic DID mechanisms. Litentry provides a secure vehicle through which users manage their identities and dApps obtain real-time DID data of an identity owner across different blockchains.

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