KaratDAO Campaign Guideline

3 min readFeb 15, 2024

💵 Prize pool🤩

Total Value of 1000USDT💵

TIER 1: The top 20 ranking users on the leaderboard will be rewarded with a VIP 3 Gold Card each!💵

TIER 2: The top 21–100 ranking users on the leaderboard will be rewarded with Karat.club’s invitation code with $KAT, worth 3 U per code!

💁 Participants will continue to receive more rewards from Litentry in the future, including LIT tokens.

🌠 Join our community and anticipate more exciting events together. Make sure to complete your KaratDAO credentials on IdentityHub!

🏂How to get reward?

  1. Visit “KaratDAO Score” Profile on IdentityHub.
  2. Generate “KaratDAO User” Credential to increase your score by becoming a user of Karat.club.

📝Tips: Click the Leaderboard button to show your ranking. We distribute rewards according to the leaderboard scores!

3. Keep in touch with us for the result and reward in our Discord Community: https://discord.gg/litentry!

More basic steps:

1. Login

Click on the link below to connect your Wallet to participate KaratDAO Campaign.

👉 [link to karat’s profile]

2. Create Password

After logging in, click on the bottom left to set your personal password to protect your identity data.

After successfully setting up the password, you can participate the New Year Campaign and start to generate your credentials to win the reward.

3. Generate Your First VC!

Taking 「ETH Holder」 as an example, click this credential, go to the detail page. Click “Generate Credential” to generate your credential.

Please be patient while the credential is generating.

When the page shows “Credential Claimed,” your credential claim is successful and you will see your score have increased accordingly.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please join our Discord and contact our Mods for assistance.