Join the Litentry Community Partner Program — Spark Program

Why become a Litentry community partner?

  • Join the Early Council — Eligible communities will get at least one council seat. In early stage, council members can initiate development proposals or grant proposals to the Litentry Foundation and participate in project construction.
  • Become a Cutting-edge Web 3.0 Community — You will become an official Litentry community partner and receive good publicity. In addition, you can also get a unique identity NFT, which will be represented for more rights in the future!
  • Special Access — You and your community members will be invited to some exclusive events, join the Element group of Litentry DAO (only council members can join), and participate in some behind-the-scenes online meetings. Full opportunities to communicate directly with the team and get the freshest project information.
  • FREE STUFF — Who doesn’t like free stuff? You’ll stand out with cool Litentry swag, marking you as an extra-special member of the crew.
  • Participate in LIT Mining — If meeting the condition, you and your community member will be qualified for mining LIT, the future network token of Litentry, as soon as our test-net goes live.
  • Ticket for Token Allocation — The Litentry Foundation will reserve 1% token allocation and distribute it to eligible early community partners. Community partners can apply for these shares within the time limit.

What are the Expectation of a Community Partner?

  • Tech Support — We welcome developer communities to contribute code and/or improving documentation related to the project. Developers can participate in the code collaboration of the project after communications with the Litentry development team.
  • Use Case Expansion — We also welcome the communities to propose creative DID usage scenarios or to integrate decentralized credit, points, or identity into application combining with some products of the community itself.
  • Grow User Base — Help in acquiring high-value users to Litentry who have full understanding of DID or who are experienced blockchain application users.
  • Spread the Word — — Spreading the DID spirit to a broader group of people, help us build the community through your resource, and guide more people to understand Litentry.
  • Content Output — — Able to create some high-quality content about Litentry, DID, or Web 3.0, authoring blog posts, and other collateral about how Litentry supports the Web 3.0 vision.

What does the process of becoming a Community Partner look like?

  1. The support of the community
  2. The understanding of the project
  3. The scope & depth of community influence

How is Spark Program going to help Litentry?

How to Apply?

Stay in touch with us through:



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