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5 min readDec 16, 2020


We are delighted to see that Litentry has gained attention from a lot of communities and people in this early stage. Despite that some attention is from speculation or curiosity, we hope to correctly guide people to participate in the early stage construction of our project fairly and transparently.

Therefore, we are launching Spark, a community partnership program. In the program, we’re giving out exclusive rights and interests, as well as proposing some requirements and obligations to new joined partners.

If you are a Community Operator on any social media platform and want to participate in the construction of the Litentry network, you can now join by applying to become an early community partner of Litentry!

Why become a Litentry community partner?

  • Join the Early Council — Eligible communities will get at least one council seat. In early stage, council members can initiate development proposals or grant proposals to the Litentry Foundation and participate in project construction.
  • Become a Cutting-edge Web 3.0 Community — You will become an official Litentry community partner and receive good publicity. In addition, you can also get a unique identity NFT, which will be represented for more rights in the future!
  • Special Access — You and your community members will be invited to some exclusive events, join the Element group of Litentry DAO (only council members can join), and participate in some behind-the-scenes online meetings. Full opportunities to communicate directly with the team and get the freshest project information.
  • FREE STUFF — Who doesn’t like free stuff? You’ll stand out with cool Litentry swag, marking you as an extra-special member of the crew.
  • Participate in LIT Mining — If meeting the condition, you and your community member will be qualified for mining LIT, the future network token of Litentry, as soon as our test-net goes live.
  • Ticket for Token Allocation — The Litentry Foundation will reserve 1% token allocation and distribute it to eligible early community partners. Community partners can apply for these shares within the time limit.

What are the Expectation of a Community Partner?

Any community, large or small, is more than welcome to join us, but to become an actual Community Partner requires a bit more commitment and a few extra steps. A Community Partner is a self-starter who is keen to demonstrate their dedication to the project. We ask that Community Partners put forth their proposals to help Litentry grow and put their proposal into practice.

In general, we expect Community Partners to bring the following values to the project, including but not limited to:

  • Tech Support — We welcome developer communities to contribute code and/or improving documentation related to the project. Developers can participate in the code collaboration of the project after communications with the Litentry development team.
  • Use Case Expansion — We also welcome the communities to propose creative DID usage scenarios or to integrate decentralized credit, points, or identity into application combining with some products of the community itself.
  • Grow User Base — Help in acquiring high-value users to Litentry who have full understanding of DID or who are experienced blockchain application users.
  • Spread the Word — — Spreading the DID spirit to a broader group of people, help us build the community through your resource, and guide more people to understand Litentry.
  • Content Output — — Able to create some high-quality content about Litentry, DID, or Web 3.0, authoring blog posts, and other collateral about how Litentry supports the Web 3.0 vision.

What does the process of becoming a Community Partner look like?

After you send over your application, we will set up a quick chat to line up on expectations, please prepare a community introduction and a resource support plan for Litentry.

Since different communities operate differently, we will not pre-set the specific content of the community support plan. We hope that community operators can propose a suitable and highly pragmatic one based on their community characteristics.

In the selection of community partners, we will evaluate the value of cooperation based on three dimensions:

  1. The support of the community
  2. The understanding of the project
  3. The scope & depth of community influence

We hope to find trustworthy long-term partners to accompany each other and grow together with Litentry.

The period for Token Allocation Subscription is from December 16th to December 30th, a total of 15 days. We will give feedback within 1–2 days after receiving your response.

How is Spark Program going to help Litentry?

Litentry’s protocol is designed for decentralized identity aggregation among different blockchains. It’s also a network of distributed DID validators that provides trusted decentralized credit computation service. Litentry will help people build up their trustable Web 3.0 identity profile and convert their personal DID data, or their behavior records in different decentralized applications, into a trusted decentralized credit and reputation to access decentralized services based on identity.

In the early stages of network development, we will focus on applications in two directions: Credit-based Blockchain Governance and Decentralized Credit Lending. We will launch a benchmark algorithm for calculating user credit and apply it to DeFi collateralized lending to obtain collateral discounts through personal credit. It is said to be a “benchmarking algorithm” because the credit calculation algorithm in Litentry will not be unique but can be initiated by everyone and freely used by others. As the first algorithm initiator, the team will first propose a benchmark algorithm to trigger application scenarios. Also, we will also commend users for some valuable blockchain behaviors and use NFT to issue some credit vouchers.

We hope that community enthusiasts can participate in the realization of these ideas in the early stage, build the application of Litentry together, and finally realize DAO governance.

How to Apply?

Just fill the form here:

Once we receive your response, we’ll be in touch soon to set up a chat.

If you have any initial questions, please feel free to reach out to We’re super excited that you’re interested in joining us on the journey to Litentry Community Partnership and look forward to bringing you deeper into the fold!

Stay in touch with us through: