Join the Litentry Ambassador Program

What is the Litentry Ambassador Program?

How Can You Contribute as an Ambassador?

  • Speak at Litentry global roadshows, conferences, and meetups
  • Organize online meetups, AMAs, or other events for your local communities
  • Coordinate collaborations with high-quality projects
  • Translate work from Litentry into your local languages
  • Create accurate and informative content on Litentry, including but not limited to articles, explainer videos, tweets, memes, etc.
  • Support the community by mentoring new members, managing our telegram groups
  • Contribute Litentry code and submit improvement documentation

What Can You Expect From Us?

  • Support from Litentry core members including technical guidance and documents
  • Bounties and funding for work-drops from the Litentry Foundation
  • Subscription to Litentry private sale token allocations on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Free Litentry swag we know you’ll love
  • Participate in the official teleconference regularly and keep abreast of the latest official developments
  • Participate in online events as a Litentry ambassador

How to Become An Ambassador?

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