Invite friends, earn LITs & give friends 20% commissions | Binance Referral

The Rules

🌱 New users register, receive 20% commission and 5 LITs

👭 Invite friends to register, you and s/he both receive 5 LITs

Step 1 — Share this referral link to friends (

Step 2 —Your friends register and verify on Binance

Reward 1 — Your friends receive 20% commission (equal to 20% off for trading fees)

Reward 2 — You and your friends will receive 5 LITs respectively

How long does this program last?

How and when do I receive my tokens?

How many friends can I refer to?

Hands-on guide to using the referral link

If you are a new user:

  1. Click on this referral link to create a new account. Alternatively, you can put in our referral code J2G7Z45K when register.
sample image, should update the commission rate later

I’m inviting a new user:

  1. Share this referral link to invite your friend. Alternatively, you can share the below image containing our referral QR code, or share our referral code J2G7Z45K for them to use when register.

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