🥷 IdentityHub Pre-Seasons: Explained

2 min readMay 21, 2024


Calling all Web3 Identity pioneers!

The IdentityHub Season 1 concluded on a high note, and we are excited to continue our journey with the launch of an engaging pre-season designed just for you! 🔗 Join today!

What is a pre-season?

Pre-seasons are introduced to enhance your user experience and prepare you for the next official season. As soon as one season ends, a pre-season immediately begins. We are currently in the first pre-season before the release of IdentityHub Season 2! Once Season 2 concludes, the next pre-season will commence before Season 3, and so on. There’s always something to gain on IdentityHub!

Why is this beneficial from a user perspective?

We’re pushing boundaries to make Web3 DID even more rewarding. We heard you — earning points needs an upgrade. Are you a newcomer? Experiencing FOMO? 😏 Don’t fret! Join our pre-season now available for current and new users:

1. Level-up with General Tasks!

Earn additional points in our pre-season before the next season kicks off:

  • Complete your consistent daily check-ins
  • Share with friends

2. More Rewards: Unlock Mystery Boxes!

By completing your general and daily tasks, you can unlock mystery boxes with prizes like USDT and bonus points for Season 2. Mystery boxes are indeed a mystery. Anticipate receiving mystery boxes tailored to your ranking. Join our pre-season to discover what lies within them!

3. Fair Play: Higher Scores!

Pre-season isn’t just practice. The highest scorers will be rewarded, and these scores will determine your Season 2 baseline, giving everyone a fair shot at glory. The Mystery Boxes hold varying degrees of rarity and may contain enticing rewards, including valuable USDT and up to 300 points, giving you a significant boost as Season 2 begins.


Don’t miss out on the current pre-season! You can join TODAY!
The pre-season rewards will drop along with the new season kicking off on June 3rd.

P.S. Remember that incredible top prize from Season 1? The next winner could be YOU! Get ready for epic prizes and exciting partnerships in Season 2. Stay tuned for more info and share your experiences in our community.️

Litentry holds the final interpretative authority for this event.

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