Get Ready for IdentityHub Season 2: IdentityGala 🥷🏻

3 min readMay 30, 2024


With ONLY 3 DAYS TO GO 🎉 Season 2, aptly named “IdentityGala,” is scheduled for release on Monday, 3rd June 2024. Packed with fantastic new features designed to enhance your experience, this season brings even more value to your participation in IdentityHub.

👀 Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for you:

More Value and Even Greater Rewards!

Season 2’s IdentityGala is coming in hot with a prize pool worth a total of 50,000 USDT! 🤯 We are excited to welcome ZKPass, MagicCraft, NFP and SecondLive! We have gathered some great initiatives with our partners to showcase the amazing new features launching with IdentityHub’s Season 2. Sit back, relax, but don’t forget to participate! 😉

What’s New in Season 2?

In addition to our exciting new features, don’t forget about our Continuous Check-In Feature — checking in daily makes you eligible for higher rewards! 🤩

1️. Enhanced Season Rules

Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned pro, our optimized rules make it fair for everyone. The updated rules launching with Season 2 ensure everyone has a chance to climb the leaderboard and earn top rewards! 🏆 Your scores from the preseasons will carry over, giving you a head start in the new season.

Stay tuned for the reveal of Season 2’s updated rules and regulations.

2️. Introducing ID Coins

ID Coins are on their way! This feature will link your scores to tangible rewards;

  • Convert Scores to ID Coins: At the end of the season, convert your hard-earned scores into ID coins. Use these coins to purchase limited-edition treasure chests packed with exciting rewards.
  • Investment Gameplay: The higher your score, the more ID Coins you can generate, allowing you to purchase exclusive items like treasure chests in the upcoming preseason.

3️. Staked LIT Airdrop

The upcoming launch of the staked LIT airdrop on June 6th aims to explore the value of identity in staking scenarios. With a reward pool of 25,000 LIT, valued at approximately 29,000 USDT, distributed in 5,000 shares of 5 LIT each, this initiative will reward active users and demonstrate the additional APY growth facilitated by identity-based staking. 🪂

4. More Mainstream and Meme Coins

We aim to diversify the ways users can earn scores, better reflect their identities, and tailor the VC logic to different user groups. By including popular coins like ETH, BTC, and fun meme coins like DOGE and SHIB, users have more opportunities to engage and earn rewards. 🏆


Join us in making Season 2 IdentityGala a grand celebration of our community’s identity and achievements, designed to reward your engagement and loyalty like never before. Mark your calendars, start your daily check-ins, and prepare to earn big! Visit the IdentityHub app and start your daily check-ins TODAY! 👉 🥷🏻

All updates, rules and regulations will be available to you on our social channels, website & IdentityHub platform. Follow us, and stay tuned for more details.👇

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