Developing a DID Aggregator on Blockchain (Part Ⅱ)

Technical Architecture of the Litentry Protocol



Decentralized Identity Aggregation

Data Registry

WASM Smart Contract

Offchain TEE Workers(OCTW)

Verifiable credential

Identification Method

Identification Events

Identity Scoring Algorithm


3 different layers in the Litentry Protocol

Original Events / Data Sources Layer

Address Analysis Layer

Identity Aggregation Layer

Litentry Runtime

TEE Sidechain

Core Pallets

Task Distributor

Off-chain TEE Workers(OCTW)

WASM Smart Contract Pallet

NFT Pallet

Encrypted On-chain Storage

Identity Linker

Identification Methods

Identification Events

Name - Unisocks Edition 0 holders
ID - (Base64 string)
Project Name - Uniswap
Contract - 0x23b608675a2b2fb1890d3abbd85c5775c51691d5
Original Data registry - Ethereum
Analyzing Method - > if(asset balance >0){isOwner = true;} else {isOwner = false; }
Name - Transaction times with UniswapV2Router02
ID - (Base64 string)
Project Name - Uniswap
Contract - 0x8ad599c3A0ff1De082011EFDDc58f1908eb6e6D8
Original Data registry - Ethereum
Analyzing Method -> {return Interaction times with 0x8ad599c3A0ff1De082011EFDDc58f1908eb6e6D8 of this wallet}

Identity Scoring Algorithm

Name — Uniswap loyal user score
ID — (Base64 string)
Formular - f(x)= if(Event1_value=true,100,0) +10*Event2_value


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