Drop3 Project Testing Invitation

  • Users can connect their polkadot{.js} wallets and Verify contributions to Polkadot or Kusama crowd loans
  • Users can participate in Web2 tasks (e.g. Twitter, Medium), through Gleam.io
  • Users can participate in a referral program and invite their friends, acquaintances and social media following
  • Projects can set different rewards for the completion of these tasks and others of their choosing
  • Drop3 can add new tasks that require on-chain verification on a case by case basis
  • Projects can benefit from a referral program without having to set it up from scratch
  • Projects can incentivize crowdloan participation, and rewards those who have already contributed
  • Projects can increase their social media presence and participation

Increase User Engagement and dApp Adoption.

Distribute their tokens:

Implement Testing and receive feedback from their community:

Invitation for participation:

Stay in touch with us through:



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