[AMA Recap] Litentry Roadmap, Team Structure & Utilities (20th October 2022)

Segment #No1: Our x4 Team Members gave a brief intro and said ‘Hi’ to the group

Segment #No2: We went through the 10 most concerning questions by the community which the team answered one by one, accordingly.

[Q1]: “Can you help us understand what challenges you are facing in the development of Parachain?

[Q2]: “Why is the Litentry parachain still not functional yet?”

[Q3]: “You guys have been working on the Identity Hub, the community is looking forward to the development, particularly the release of the product. @Jonathan, could you share with us more details about the roadmap?

[Q4]: “How are you working with the Parachain team to put together effort and achieve the goals?”

[Q5]: “Many members were commenting about the spinned-off products in Litentry; What are Web3Go, PNS, and Admeta’s relationships with Litentry? We heard rumors that say Web3Go is not a litentry project, is that true? Does Admeta have any updates we should be aware of?”

[Q6]: “One of our members asked about Identity staking — Will there be identity staking features or is there anything economic I can obtain with my identity using IDH?”

[Q7]: “You have mentioned team restructuring before. Could you share with us the new structure of the team? What are Litentry’s priorities looking like?”

[Q8]: “In terms of the Litentry rollout plan for Litmus and Litentry parachains. Can you share with the community the stages and how soon to see native staking in parachain?”

[Q9]: “IDH will be released soon. The community is wondering why the team hasn’t defined the LIT token’s utility. And it’s not defined clearly yet when it will be shared ?”

[Q10]: “We announced the new inflation model last week — The community would like to know if there is a better time to implement it. Why inflation now? Can we postpone it?”

  1. Opening collators to community participation is an essential step towards community governance in Litentry parachain. And maintaining a collator requires a certain investment of time, technology, and hardware by the candidate. So we need to pay for this collator maintenance with LIT token
  2. LIT holders can participate in building network security by staking their LIT and helping power the collator selection process. Long-term holders of LITs are also given incentives by staking.
  3. Technically we want to be able to run our staking pallet smoothly before removing the Sudo pallet, and if there are any problems with the staking pallet before then, our technical team will be able to fix them quickly.

Segment #No3: The group was given the opportunity to provide some live questions, and the team proceeded to pick some questions to answer.

[LIVE Q1]: “Members are concerned about bridge exploit. Maybe you can share with us details of how it works from the tech side. I believe Litentry bridge is using chainsafebridge?”

  • The contract itself is audited and widely used by other projects too (e.g. Phala).
  • We intentionally keep the contract simple to minimize the attack interfaces (= without extra unnecessary functionalities)
  • We run our own relayer services to have full control over the event parsing and processing flow
  • We have on-chain logic to double-check the maximumIssuance and externalBalances
  • We are building monitor tools to discover abnormal behaviors as early as possible

[LIVE Q2]: “While Hanwen spoke about Admeta he used the phrase — ‘Han.z — was — a lead developer for litentry’ — Does that mean he is no longer working for the team or on the protocol?

[LIVE Q3]: “There has been no conversation or clarification with reference to timelines mentioned by @Teunhabraken in last week’s update. Do they stay the same or is the team looking to tweak it based on recent decisions to restructure and reorganize?”

  • IDhub Public Sign-up Landing Page for early access & partners: End of November
  • Parachain Identity linking and assertions pallet — (Internal/Staging network): Q4 2022
  • Parachain Identity linking and assertions pallet — (Rococo network): Q1 2023
  • IDhub Alpha Launch for internal & community testing: Q1 2023

[LIVE Q4]: “How will the Litentry parachain be linked to the existing litentry governance app? Does Litentry aim to leverage the app along with the Litentry protocol for any further broad-scale requirements to the Dotsama community?”

[LIVE Q5]: “Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on the project?”

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