• Added automated release change note
  • Added cargo clippy check and integrated into ci
  • Preliminary token distribution script is ready
  • Merged TEE upstream code change, implemented the trusted query for linked Ethereum address

Mobile App

  • Decided to use react-native-paper to redesign the app with material design
  • Started work with the new app design


  • Westend testnet onboarded; various tests on Westend
  • Runtime benchmark double-checked
  • Added cargo fmt into CI and git hooks
  • Token bridge pallets implementation

Governance App

  • Replaced polkadot’s keyring with react-native-substrate-sign to manage accounts and sign transactions
  • Bug fixes
  • Preparation for the release of the app (only for internal testing)
  • Started the migration to…

Litentry Polkadot Crowdloan

As the long-expected Polkadot auction is near, Litentry is thrilled to announce our crowdloan strategies to the community to achieve board participation. This crowdloan is a strategic step for the Litentry Network, as our parachain will be connected to the Polkadot relay chain to gain shared security and interoperability. …


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