This week’s keyword: Privacy. Our tech team has been working closely with the SubstraTEE team and Automata to embed their privacy designs into our DID aggregation protocol. Dive in below to see what is happening. 👀

✨ SubstraTEE for storing linked identity information privately

Our team had a technical discussion with the SubstraTEE team to learn more about developing pallets inside their TEE framework. SubstraTEE is a very useful framework that allows calling a custom state transition function (STF) inside a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). It promises integrity and confidentiality of (remote) computation.

With SubstraTEE, Litentry is able to build a TEE side chain that can be used…

Litentry Partners with Automata Network to Strengthen Privacy Protection in its Identity Computation System

We are happy to share about our latest collaboration with Automata Network to strengthen privacy protection for user data across Litentry’s identity computation layer. As an introduction, Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol providing middleware-like traceless privacy services for dApps across the Web3 ecosystem.

Safeguard user data in maximum effort

As the amount of digital interactions on the blockchain increase, users are demanding connected experiences that are reliable, secure and trustworthy. …


“Litentry & Friends” is a Youtube live show hosted by the Litentry team that focuses on sharing knowledge about decentralized identity. In each panel, we will invite top project partners to discuss and share their insights on the industry, the context of the collaboration, and the outlook for Web3.

In the first episode, we have invited Victoria Gavrilyuck from iMe Platform and Lilly M.Dobreva from Litentry to talk about the potential synergy between DID & Instant messaging.


Welcome to the second episode of Ten for Litentry youtube AMA series. Hope you guys have enjoyed the first episode of Litentry and…

👋 Hello June! With 2021 almost halfway done, we’re picking up steam on project development in the Litentry roadmap. This week we have fewer news announcements, instead, we’re full-on accelerating the delivery of products and tech collaborations. 🤖

🧪 Testnet: SBP milestone 1 completed

  • For the Substrate Builder Program, we have successfully finished our milestone 1! This means that credit computation and identity linking modules are completed along with other features of the Litentry App and parachain.
  • Designed and preliminarily implemented Polkadot account linking in the Account Linker pallet
  • Finished NFT pallet issuance types and the preliminary logics

📱Litentry App: Council and Treasury added

  • Added the Council screen
  • Added the Treasury Screen

We are thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with iMe messenger, to extend on-chain identification to social media and increase adoption.

What’s iMe

iMe is a messenger based on Telegram API, with integration of artificial intelligence with Neurobots, as well as a fully functional crypto wallet. It allows users to purchase crypto asset with fiat, store them and transfer to your telegram contact in one-click. As of Jun 1, 2021, iMe has over 2.3M total downloads and 200k daily active users.

We believe iMe Messenger is ambitious and really put into the effort to shape the future of decentralised social media…


  • Developed Xrecovery
  • Updated parachain and pallet dependencies to 0.9.3
  • Adapted Chainbridge modules into Pallet
  • Investigated the address incompatible problem between Chainbridge and Substrate


  • Deployed Chainbridge on Testnet
  • Refactored Twitter-linker register flow
  • Upgraded Polkadot/Kusama validators

Market & Partnerships

  • Binance added LIT tokens to its flexible savings products. Users are now able to subscribe LIT to earn interest and redeem the tokens at any time. At the time of writing, LIT flexible savings have a 1.00% flexible APY and a flexible interest of 0.0274 LIT per thousand. …

Litentry is glad to announce our strategic partnership with DeCredit, a DeFi 2.0 protocol that links credit authentication nodes and credit oracle to lending products. The two teams will work together to harness the potential of decentralized credit in the transformation of lending.

The advert of decentralized credit becomes a turning point in the lending industry. Compared to the traditional collateralized loan model, decentralized credit ease the latency in resource allocation by eliminating full collateralization or even over-collateralization in loans. …


  • Upgraded parity crypto package for pallet
  • Xrecovery pallet development
  • Ocw discussion and finalization of current work
  • NFT discussion and research on Merkle airdrop/ claim
  • Updated pallet dependencies to Polkadot v0.9.1
  • NFT pallet detailed design initial draft


  • Investigated the Chainsafe’s bridge solution for token migration
  • Registrar source code review
  • Upgraded Kusama/Polkadot validators
  • Finished TS migration of registrar
  • Litentry forum maintainance

Community & Partnership

  • The first episode of “Ten for Litentry” is out! In this episode, Hanwen answers some of your most-asked questions: are we participating in parachain auction? what is our strategy? development progress? and more. We hope you all enjoy the video. For…

Litentry is thrilled to announce its partnership with Tidal Finance, a Balancer-like insurance market that allows users to create custom insurance pools for one or more assets. This achieves a more secure environment for DeFi by providing insurance coverage for assets across chains.

Protecting User Information in Decentralized Services

Through this new partnership, Tidal Finance can offer security solutions for Litentry’s services to prevent financial losses due to hacking of user data and thus protect the users themselves.

Litentry’s goal is to find a way to connect user data from different decentralized platforms and services while preserving user privacy and data sovereignty. This can be achieved…


  • Started Xrecovery pallet implementation
  • Initialised draft design of off chain worker combined with Deco
  • Updated parachain dependency to latest deps
  • Initialised NFT pallet backbone
  • Token migration internal presentation and discussion
  • Explored XCMP


  • Fixed CI bug
  • Setup social-linker frontend
  • Added additional APIs for social-linker frontend
  • Upgraded Polkadot & Kusama validators
  • Implemented an NFT source code generator to simplify NFT importing
  • Migrated registrar test script to TS
  • Migrated registrar chain script to TS
  • Started setting up frontend repo for a new blockchain explorer project

Marketing & Community


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